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vital force natural health

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Fruit and vegetable diet and active life. Plant foods, such as vegetables and fruits and vegetables the sea a rich source of nutrients. When you eat vegetables and fruit receive the life force from the plant. Because plant foods contain fiber, people who consume adequate amounts of plant foods have landmarks amaaaeh clean and better balance of beneficial bacteria with few wastes accumulated in the colon, producing toxic waste. I noted these results over 40 years of experience in doing mgoavih checks to more than 350.000 people. Preview one of the stools is sufficient for clarification. Feces of persons who consume large amounts of plant foods don’t smell is soft and often floats at the surface of the water. I think that diet rich in plant foods contain more power to nourish human life and health in body and mind of most animal food. Vegetarian food will support your life force in order to live an active life and vitality to aging. Basically depends on the conditions of our intestines, and improve those conditions with food containing 80 percent of plant foods.

Plant food help to provide water for the body

One of the reasons that made me recommended by food from fresh vegetables and fruits is that plant foods contain 70-90 percent by weight of water. Eat vegetarian food helps the body get water of good quality.In addition to drinking plenty of pure water, urge you to consume fresh fruit or fresh juice of fruits and vegetables. During the day, it is better to eat seasonal fruits in small amounts eat doughnuts and caramel allowance. Consumption of fruit is part of fasting that previously reported. When taken 30-40 minutes before the meal helps to prevent excessive intake of carbohydrates. However, you should avoid fruit after eating because they have the opposite effect leads to excessive intake of carbohydrates.

Water is an important nutrient

Most people don’t drink enough water. Eighty percent of our cells, and I think that any physical problem gets better by drinking adequate amount of water.

We can’t survive without water regardless of the number of nutrients that take a good balance. It is said that we remove 2.5 liters of water a day through urination and race. Unless washed our bodies this way deteriorate health conditions inside us and consist of hazardous substances in the intestines oxidize all body fluids. Edema and constipation and other various diseases from lack of water. To prevent this situation, you must drink plenty of water. Drinking good water helps in Flushing the dirt and improve water circulation new fluids. Good water become good fluids in the body removes dirty fluid from our cells.

What is water quality?

vital force natural health - Earn vital power plant Diets & Weight Loss

Now that we have realized the importance of water, what kind of water you should drink? Tap water contains large amounts of chlorine, which is used for sterilization, and other hazardous materials known as betrihalomthan and are carcinogens breed during sterilization. And tap water can be contaminated by pesticides and fertilizers, agricultural and industrial wastes and other residue wastewater treatment with reservoirs and groundwater. Examine the water definitely but, even if these materials within the allowable amounts for the Government, it is not an appropriate water to feed all the cells of our body.

Depending on where you live maybe was envisaging the use of disinfectant to the water to remove chlorine and other substances harmful to drink more water to be relevant to its natural state of health.Thirty years ago the Japanese, concerned about acid rain quantity we drink with water. He met a team of scientists, engineers and physicians including myself to discuss what we can do to save water. This meeting resulted in a technical way to water treatment and make it more alkaline. The team making this machine work placed in homes. Since I am a doctor, did not subscribe to this business, but since then has become the drink of this alkaline water which we call water kanghan.With time I applied the technique of producing water kanghan and become more complex as water machines became kanghan available in the United States. I have a machine in my clinic kanghan waters in New York, and these are the waters that give to my patients. In addition to water purification of water have pollutants kanghan strength help the body maintain an alkaline condition.

Generally losing old men or women 2.5 liters of water as urine or sweat of daily therefore arises has shortage of water but if you take a similar amount of those lost during the day. If we assume that the amount of water available in the daily amount of food one litre remain need a liter and a half at least must be secured. We must take more hot summer days or increase exercise. You should try to drink eight glasses of water a day to believe some reserve. If you can’t drink the water that means that you have a chronic shortage of water. The cells constituting our body and our blood and the lymphatic fluids to’id by the water which we drink is therefore a lot of water helps preserve the freshness of the skin and cellular activity. We must, of course, be water quality which I have described earlier.

The body does not need tea, sports drinks or alcohol

Not calculated quantities of tea and non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and alcohol intake as drink water. And leave you to the water to drink sports drink after you workout is not a good idea as it was this drink contain minerals and essential amino acids for the body, it may also contain large amounts of sugar. When this consumes sugar glucose level rises, the pancreas large amounts of insulin, which is a burden on the body it feels after the fatigue and tiredness.

Healthy tea better than those for non-alcoholic drinks but when people drink tea every day and screened balmgoaf shows that the mucous membrane. I think that this is a altinin, article in time. Since ancient times, many people develop stomach ulceration or stomach cancer in civilizations where drinking a tea as a daily habit in Japan. Furthermore the amount of caffeine in tea than coffee. And caffeine is a diuretic effect, and passes the tea water transit in the body without refreshing.In other words, you may drink tea because you’re parched while actually doing the opposite.

It’s a bad idea to swallow iced barley drink when thirsty. Maybe you feel pride with increased blood circulation caused by alcohol, but after a few hours your arteries contract and make it difficult to provide cells with oxygen and nutrients as overburden the body get rid of waste.

Alcohol, as a diuretic tea is tzmoh and does not increase the water in the body. Malt after sport does not solve the problem of shortage of water after sweating. Perhaps you exercise to improve health and increase metabolism, but if your with a cup or more of malt syrup, it is already contributing to increased aging of cells.

It is important to reduce drinking soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks, alcohol and tea, but comparing this type of beverage to drink water. Your cells need water. Drink or two cups of regular time intervals during the day. This way reservation moisture in your cells and protect yourself from the deterioration of cells and diseases.

Canned fruit juice may be devoid of enzymes

With fruits and vegetables is good for your health you should not alter water canned fruit juice. When you see a poster wrote it 100 percent fruit juice, stare to see also that he made of the material. Enzymes of category (a) lost in heating process to find juice Centre. Best to eat whole fruit or press her yourself. Vegetables can be consumed as a juice or salad or pickles. When you think about your life force is aware of why it is necessary to have fresh food and what food is grown in good dust without chemical fertilizer is best.

Tea and coffee are not waterproof

There is another reason why I don’t recommend drinking coffee or tea or soft drinks water allowance. For tea and coffee, excess Caffeine consumption is harmful to health. As well as coffee sold in the market often contain milk and sugar. Said that the catechins in tea is appropriate for health but is happening through balmgoaf tests indicate that the excess consumption may lead to stomach cancer. A large number of drinks is saturated with carbon dioxide, in my opinion, is contaminated water saturated with sugar that may lead to diabetes.Maybe you think that you meet your body’s need for liquids when consuming these drinks, but it would not provide the benefits of good water. You can do a simple change in your lifestyle to improve your health is to make water favorite in situations where you drink malt, coffee or tea, sports drinks or soda.

Enzymes are essential in all activities of the yah

Enzymes indispensable in all our activities because they serve as mediators in all chemical reactions in the body. It’s called the promoters of without it don’t get any chemical reactions. And the analysis of food enzymes in the stomach, enzymes that protein degradation is the decomposition of carbohydrates. For each specific oxidase reaction and enzyme cannot be switched to another enzyme. There are 3,000 – 5,000 type of enzymes in the human body and maybe more. Since our lives are composed of a large number of chemical reactions, we can say that enzymes are the source of life. No need to say that enzymes involved in detoxification of cells. There are approximately 60 species of enzymes involved in the corrosion process of self-corrosive toxins, I call these enzymes enzymes renewed youth renewal. When this innovative enzymes properly cells are healthy and full of moisture. If the enzymes are present for what we were able to maintain our lives for one moment, because enzymes interfere with digestion and absorption, detoxification and breathing, movement and function of the heart and brain activities.

Enzymes that young

Enzymes are the source of life and indispensable to our activities. They also exist in plants. For example, 90 percent of the plant cell members resemble sacks containing goivat. These bags not only contain water but many enzymes to remove toxins. Enzymes capable of detoxifying enzymes are classified as refurbished youth innovative enzymes.Vegetables and fruits seem fresh because the water in the goivatha but the water quickly fills with waste (rotten and dangerous materials) if left unchanged. However innovative enzymes inside algoivat handle this waste fruit and vegetable freshness reservation, and also fruit and ripening. Among fruits, pineapple and Kiwi, papaya, figs innovative enzymes have a great capacity to analyse waste cells. When you’re infected with colds or packed feel refreshed with fruit, and the reason is that you provide your body with the enzymes. And also we get the vitamins and minerals that support enzymes without being able to act alone, it is necessary to get the interaction with enzymes.

Consume raw foods

Whenever your servings of cooked food whenever you have difficulty in providing the enzymes. Even though I took vitamins and minerals from food like this would not derive the benefits of enzymes. Posters of fast food or processed foods that contain the same quantity of nutrients in raw foods but enzymes life force will never be the same.

How to choose complementary to enzymes?

vital force natural health - Earn vital power plant Diets & Weight Loss

Effects of liquid enzymes the body vary greatly according to the different methods of production. There is no clear definition of an integral installed and enzyme and maybe that will astonish learned that there are some products on the market bearing adhesives liquid enzyme does not even contain enzymes.

Enzyme supplements must be produced from fermented fruits and vegetables with microscopic organisms. Enzymes are not heat resistant and if temperatures rose during the production process to 48 degrees or more collapse their effectiveness to zero, and no remains of enzymes.

In the United States the majority of the enzymes displayed on the market is liquid digestive enzymes such as protease (enzyme protein fondue), walamilas (enzyme deiced to carbohydrates), and lipase (enzyme deiced to FAT), all produced using low heat or no heat at all so as not to damage the enzymes by heat.

The Japanese have used enzymes for healthy, producing enzymes via fermentation is an art. The liquor dealers of Premier Sponsor carefully fry the microscopic organisms for several years to make sure they are stronger and better seed. The seeds then are used to stimulate fermentation process vegetables and fruits cultivated naturally.Enzymes produced by this method is effective and does not address the enzymes begin to heat. The best liquid enzyme treated to retain a small amount of water to the powder enzyme in order to maintain the life force which the pending status until you wake up when taken into the body. This type of enzymes has an additional franchise to provide microscopic organisms. I’ve been interested in seed enzymes for many years and helped develop a special enzyme call shinzaim. This enzyme is not anzima digestive but supports the process of detoxification of cells of the immune system.

The lack of metal-style crises in our present lives

First, let’s look at the function of vitamins and minerals in Group b. the nutrients that complement the functionality of enzymes thus referred to aid the enzymes. For enzymes take a leading role in the activities of life, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, coordinate with enzymes to facilitate the work of the body’s organs and systems.

Minerals: sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and molybdenum walabodin and others. Amounts of these minerals in our body is very small but when you reduce the deteriorating work enzymes causing harm to life.When you feel that you are careless or tired or a little incentive, when you have a cold easily or lose control of your feelings easily, or tension or frustration, you may have a deficiency in minerals, these symptoms are very common in our world today.

There is a selection of more than 100 species of minerals classified into (1) metal (2) metal. Calcium is the main metal’s most famous, and it composes our bones. Approximately one percent of the calcium in our bodies helps in blood work, nerves and muscles and plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Functions such as blood clotting and balance nerves and stimulate the secretion of hormones and facilitating muscle movement, depend on this. When there is not enough calcium in the diet of such important functions, the body believes that the calcium out of your bones. If this situation had become chronic, depletes calcium from our bones and rebounder with osteoporosis. When this decreases one percent calcium feel tension and disappoint and easily lose control of our emotions.

Cannot produce minerals within the body and therefore must be provided through food. For each metal distinct function in activities of life our body and therefore negative effects on our health. A few minerals like iron, zinc, copper, iodine and Selenium is present in small amounts by quantities of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, the Chairperson and potassium, but that does not mean that the President’s most important metals from minerals. For each one of the few metals cycle and his own group, it is important to provide all of them.

How do you get the minerals you need

vital force natural health - Earn vital power plant Diets & Weight Loss

Animal foods contain minerals but highly influencing the health of the intestine. I favour vegetable foods such as vegetables, fruit and vegetables and unrefined sea salt. But there is a problem. The majority of the agriculture chemical fertilizers are used today instead of rich soil mixed with dung, leaves the land; therefore, the natural mineral storage is not available on most crops. Install chemical fertilizers in the majority of nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium. These minerals are good for plant growth, but when the main food components vibrate in imbalance balance of minerals. In other words, the life force. Certainly, life force people who eat these plants also would be reduced. One solution is to support organic agriculture consumption of vegetables and fruits are planted in soil organic because it keeps a good balance of minerals. Do not damage the metal with heat so we can eat vegetables in soups and stews and others, we can also get juice from carrots and cabbage enzyme, spinach, parsley, and other vegetables.

Liquid metal

If you are interested in getting an adequate amount of minerals through food may wish to also take complementary metal quality.

Some say that the plugins are not normal and should not be totally dependency but as natural crop may not contain the full inventory of power of enzymes, it is wise to be careful in the selection of aerosol.

In favour of taking the supplement made from components of natural, especially those derived from plants instead of the artificial. It is important not to eat more than one component, such as calcium or iron.In this sense it is better take the supplement.


Vitamins minerals-like in that it coordinates the activities of life, different from the minerals in it’s membership is composed of several elements.More than 20 vitamins such as A, B (B1, B2, B6, B12. Etc) C, D and E and other then identified each unique job. The function sabhathha is a vitamin like antioxidant, directed by rust and body rejuvenation. The process antioxidants are present in the majority of vitamins C and E and Group B. Rust body called oxidation – in other words, progress in age. As the age or advanced oxidation, loses skin and arteries and organs and brain vitality. Vitamins necessary components against age.

What is oxidation? Section of the oxygen we inhale him into our bodies turn into root of oxygen in the process of converting it into energy within our cells. In its simplest form O2 molecule loses an electron. These electrons or free radicals are due to oxidation. Protein within the cell affected by oxygen and become root protein or waste. Can generate oxygen from root pressure factors or electromagnetic radiation on computer and cell phone, infrared IR, smoking and other environmental factors.

More often prevents oxygen from the root malicious to harmless by specific enzymes but when it becomes oxidized protein waste carrying too heavy no longer sufficient enzymes work. Some might say that age is normal, but the process of oxidation of cells by the roots oxygen accelerates in many non-natural environmental factors today.

Chemicals plant (vaitmokimikalz)

Antioxidant functions are not limited to vitamins. Chemicals plant in group o have similar functionality. Chemicals plant unique elements support the life of plants. Maybe you’ve heard balkatishin walaizoflavon.They are members of one of the albolitinol chemicals plant. Bitakarotin welotien located in the alkartinoid group of plant chemicals. Aromatic smell and bitterness and color are important chemical plants. For example, intensive exposure to UV rays makes free radicals produced in cells, damaged plants and humans alike. A chemicals plant, albolitinol to reduce damage to a minimum. Bitter taste and odor chemicals plant, the special action to protect plants from insects and animals. Chemicals plant part of the life of the plant. I believe that we have only begun to understand the importance of chemicals plant for food and health of human beings. Can we call the chemicals plant aid for minerals and vitamins and play the role of coordinators.

85 percent of vegetarian food and 15 percent of animal food

My opinion as a doctor monitored alamaaeh parameters for many years is that the best food is composed of 85 percent of plant foods and 15 percent of animal foods.

To simplify this advice, I say: Siam xinya drinking juice enzyme in the morning. Drink eight glasses of water per day and good eating fruit and vegetables and legumes, brown rice or other whole grains, in addition to a small amount of fish once or twice a week and preferably small fish such as sardines, which does not contain significant amounts of mercury:

= Food from vegetables and fruits gives you staying power.

= Water nutrient is indispensable for life.

= You can’t get enzymes from fast food.

= You can not get the minerals and vitamins from food consisting of white rice and meat.

Brown rice food optimization

First my recommendations for protein intake are brown rice and soybeans. Such food can one get enough essential amino acids. If you add other types of beans and grains, you get greater amounts of protein. If you add a small fish such as sardines or vegetables freely get adequate amount of protein without the meat. Brown rice with soy and some other cereals that contain many fibres lead to empty the bowel and is easy to remove toxins. You should only digest foods.Better to take a bit of time digestion. Japanese who ate foods rich in fiber known to relatively long their intestines. It is important to ask any easily suck the food rather than the types of nutrients.


Fish, such as meat, contains essential amino acids of high quality. In addition also contains fats from good kind not found in meat. Maybe you heard the alaikosabntianoik acid waldikosahksanoik. They are found in fish, called unsaturated fats or Omega 3, cleans the blood and lower my triglycerides level. One of the problems of eating meat is that animal fat wreak. Fish food is much healthier. Through choices, showed that people who ate fish have landmarks amaaaeh much better than those who eat meat. Diverticulitis rarely suffered by fish eaters. Feces and toxins accumulate in the alertg and if not treated may lead to colon polyps or cancer. But there is a problem eating fish and seawater pollution are taking fish. Big fish, kalton, contain high levels of mercury and excessive consumption llton may lead to problems in the nervous system. Marine life eat medium-size fish small fish and big fish eat a medium-sized fish, big fish have a greater amount of mercury.

Small fish and soy Bait Mal collagen

There are foods that are rich in amino acids, collagen. Benefits of collagen are not limited to skin health. Collagen builds bones, joints, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and other body tissues. Calcium is known as bone substance. If likened to building bone, calcium is a cement wall. Without collagen that can be likened to building steel structure, there is no greatness. Ligaments and tendons are made in most of the collagen. DermIS of the skin and the internal wall of the vessels are also made of collagen. Thirty percent of the total protein which compose the human body collagen. Recommend small fish as a source of collagen is returning to higher-quality collagen found in fish scales. Some say that the type of collagen protein and therefore degrades to amino acids and does not remain in the body as collagen.However, it is not an essential amino acid and therefore can be mounted on the inside of the body. Thirty percent of our body is made of protein and therefore recommended the completion of collagen. One of the reasons for the recommendation by soybeans is that soy contains amino acids like Gly walbrolin are two of the key ingredients for collagen. Additions of collagen extracted from fish scales are available in markets, but it is better to get this valuable nutritious little fish and soybeans.

= Excessive intake of protein destroy monuments alamaaeh (intestinal health barometer).

= Brown rice and soybean are the only sources of protein.

= Small fish and soy are the sources of collagen, which is essential for skin beauty.


vital force natural health - Earn vital power plant Diets & Weight Loss