lose weight without dieting or working out

lose weight without dieting or working out

lose weight without dieting or working out

lose weight without dieting

See, I hate the calorie calculation system, it does not suit me already.So, don’t worry, not babbling about it a lot, however I must admit that those excess pounds that annoy us formed because we will learn to more calories than we need. As such, we must deal with the basic equation:

3500 calories = one pound of body fat

Why tell you this? Well, partly because you know that if you want to burn a pound of fat, you must burn 3500 calories (about five hours of running the buried alive or aerobics).

lose weight without dieting or working out Diets & Weight Loss

And also to tell you that when gaining 3500 calories, without a need for them, it will increase your weight by one pound. Let me tell you something: the average weight gained over the festive period is 5 lbs.Since the period of acquisition of these five lbs where convergence is only four weeks, this means eating approximately 500 calories plus daily, or the equivalent of pastries with meat.

Those extra foods and snacks add calories, you should know that while taking them, and if you can burn them again, that’s fine, but I think that if you’re reading this, that things are not going that way.

So, put this figure in mind, so you can improve your figure.

Know what you eat

I hope that the information presented in the past advice useful. It will become more useful if you know what you should eat, so, here’s the amount of calories you eat is recommended if you have a normal level of activity, and do not have any health problems affecting EC SABIC and possible ad impressions for weight. When we finish this, I shall not speak again about calories, right?

Obviously everyone’s lifestyle is different, not to mention length and body, then, these figures are approximate:

Men 2500 calories

Women 2000 calories

To reduce your weight by one pound per week, you’ll reduce calorie intake by 500 calories per day (that’s what we’ve seen in the past advice). So, if you follow a diet, should be aimed at addressing approximately:

Men 2000 calories

Women 1500 kcal

Assuming that the exercise will practice her level will remain as is. Of course, you can lose more weight if I burnt some extra calories.

You can of course a cruel diet, but don’t try eating less than 1200 kcal a week for women, or 1500 for men, unless this is done under medical supervision. And better follow-up with a physician if you are following a diet is imperative to reduce calorie intake drastically, so it’s hard (though not impossible) to get all the nutrients you need from diet.

It’s the mental nature

The problem with diets is that you spend all your time thinking about food. When I can I eat? Can I eat one piece of biscuit? How many calories remaining to me today? In fact, the idea is to lose weight is not to think about food at all, except to the extent the moderate health course.

That is easier said than work. Now, that’s all I can tell you is what you should look for is a State of mind, and when you find them, try the endemic inside you. And whenever you can instil this case inside, easy to access, and will help you a lot of the suggestions found in this book.But, eventually you’ll find that space in your head and that will help you do this, this is similar to meditation.

lose weight without dieting or working out Diets & Weight Loss

Think of it this way: If mountain climbers, will flood you bombarded with ideas on mountains that don’t climb her, right? Therefore, you should learn not to think about food, as would not consider swimming or playing dominoes or ironing under water and all the other things that will not happen today. Don’t think about food, and do not consider him, nor make you any relationship with food, except in the “appropriate” times of course, and when you discover at the end that “do not eat” may become entrenched in your head, you will understand exactly my purpose.

Should you want to lose weight

I tried a lot of quitting but I never never succeeded in quitting, and the problem is I didn’t want to already deep down into quitting, but I just wish if I can – and I should do it. One day, while you smoke a cigarette, failing untold moment, and suddenly realized I don’t actually want to smoke much. And extinguished a cigarette in the middle of it, and never smoke again. And I learned that I’ll stop smoking that time; in earlier times I tell myself: “sadkhan one last cigarette before they quit smoking permanently,” or “sakla smoking with the beginning of the new year.”

The same is true for seriousness in reducing or controlling your weight, so you really want to achieve it instantly, and even then, will be to your motivations necessary force that can help you lose weight, your layout appears to follow a diet sometime in the future you are not ready yet.

The moral of all this is that you must find motivation before anything else. I cannot tell you where you can find, because it varies from person to person, perhaps your motivation to look at yourself in the mirror, or wear very tight jeans, or in a child asks why you religion too, or dream of becoming so good body when strolling on the Beach the next day, and for some people, it lies in all of the above. For others, it lies elsewhere. If not found, search for it by lost money on lettuce, snacks, calorie-poor.

Understand why eat?

Apparently, it’s obvious; you are hungry. But, if your weight is greater than the healthy weight, hunger is the only reason for this. If you eat just to fill the hunger, it will never address more than you need. So, what other reasons that make you eat?

lose weight without dieting or working out Diets & Weight Loss

There are many other reasons that make people eat, and here are some of them. Perhaps eat when:

– Feel depressed
– Feel the unit
– Be accustomed to eating at that time
– Feel angry
– Feel bad person
– Want to emphasize your independence
– Want to fill the emotional gap

All these reasons are – in general – negative feelings. And when you feel it, it appears that food intake could benefit in the short term, but the weight will acquire him over the long term will make you feel worse, and excessive eating is a psychological problem, not physical. In order to address them, we must understand the causes, there may be many reasons to eat while you are not hungry, or there are different reasons at different times. Without specifying the reasons, do not lose weight without feeling deprived and unhappy.

Eat only when hungry

This advice stems from the recent idea that says you should set yourself a rule not eat unless you are already hungry, and when you are hungry, you will feel pain in your stomach, perhaps suffering dizziness, or nausea, or fatigue, you will know it has been a long time since the last time the food, you are not dealing with a lot of food today.

Learn to identify whether you are hungry or not. If you show these symptoms, do not eat. I know that talking is much easier than actually for many of us, but this is an important goal. At least, if you eat despite not being hungry, you should know that you do this.

Ask yourself why

While going for a light meal, or the remnants of a food, or pieces of crispy French fries, should begin to realize that hunger is not what moves you. So, what moves you?

Habit to question yourself about why you eat each time you put food in your mouth. Sometimes the answer will be, but often it will be something else. And this is the best opportunity to learn why you eat more than you need.

I’ve already agreed that there are many possible reasons for eating despite feeling hunger, then, what moves you to eat? Are there specific patterns traced? Certain things drives, when bored? Once you have a phone call with your mother-in-law? When I criticize you wife? When you feel tension due to the presentation that you should be doing at work? Do you always eat in excess, unnecessary, at certain times of the day? You are always dealing with two pieces of biscuits beside the coffee in the morning?

You can see this as a kind of search. Every time I prepare to eat, ask yourself why. And the answer will show you the reasons and times where excessive eating, this is the ammunition they need to begin to address the problem.

But your habits

One of the most difficult eating patterns of change are those styles that have become habit, for example, get used to buy a piece of chocolate every time which depends on the fuel station, or get used to eating biscuits with morning coffee. Yes, I know it’s fun eating biscuits with coffee, but there are other ways to enjoy life.

One of the first things you can do is to discover how accumulated all these calories into your body for a year, then translate it to the amount of the increase in weight. For example, a local biscuit piece at 70 calories (varies, of course, the number of calories in different type of biscuit, but 70 is the number of calories found in biscuits, which I prefer). If you took him two pieces a day, you are dealing with 730 pieces of biscuits or 51100 kcal per annum, which is equivalent to an increase in weight 14 lbs. Perhaps this figure helps you get rid of this habit.

The easiest way to get rid of habits are avoiding the already motivated.Find a gas station you can pay cash at the fuel pump, rather than those that have to go into the shop, and I can’t stop eating biscuits with morning coffee, quit coffee. And if you work in the Office, attending with another morning cakes work week, say no, and spend this time in another place, arrange for an appointment, or to copy some pictures, I don’t know. Be creative in your choices.

lose weight without dieting or working out Diets & Weight Loss

Sometimes, you need to make this change for a short period before they get rid of the habit permanently, at other times, choose change forever. This is up to you, as long as there is usually the food, no matter how you will pay for the fuel.

Select targets

I don’t know where you are going, it is likely you will not strongly up to where you want it, it’s that simple; if you’re serious about weight loss, select yourself.

You may decide to lose a pound a week or lose nearly 7 lbs by next month, or up to the weight feel comfortable during a circus on the beach wearing a robe of swimming by the time the summer holiday in August, or that your body becomes fit to wear pants jeans which I used to wear it, or be able to climb the ladder, or become in certain body by the time of your wedding.

Whenever a specific goal, I was able to mentally envision more clearly, increased effectiveness. We must set a deadline for achieving it, otherwise you won’t be able to know if you are moving toward your goal, or, if you would.

Select the amount of weight you need to decrease each week until you reach the desired weight. If this amount is too large, you will feel despair when you can’t achieve, if very little, will get bored of waiting for any change in directly. You should be able to get rid of pounds per week (this means 500 calories less per day), and maybe feel, especially with some exercise, you can achieve more than this.

Put your picture as clear as possible what you want to achieve. Hung big picture of yourself wearing pants jeans which I used to wear it, or a picture of the body that you want to become it (put a picture of your head above), or the clothes you want to buy and see it when you start your enthusiasm in apathy.

Keep a notebook

I know this sounds sad, but it is useful, in fact, nutritionists say that people who keep a notebook of everything they can lose weight by three times more people who do this.

There are two reasons make it keep a diary as a means to reduce the food you eat: the first is when you know that you will write what would could become a very good deterrent makes you don’t address what you might regret it later, and the other reason is that you should not reduce the weight as fast as you want you can reconsider covered and discover why.

Recent research shows on this subject there is a more effective approach of writing what you ate and is filmed photographically. Get out your phone, snap a quick picture of what I eat before removal, or cookies, or the remnants of baby food, or a piece of cheese that she embezzled her, or to refill crackers, or whatever eat as a snack. Then glue these pictures onto paper clips or keep it on your computer, and according to the order of days.

I can say I think twice before approaching the piece of chocolate for one of my children if I had to I photographed first.

lose weight without dieting or working out Diets & Weight Loss