how to lose weight without dieting or exercise (part 2)

how to lose weight without dieting or exercise
how to lose weight without dieting or exercise

how to lose weight without dieting or exercise (part 2)


Follow the second part of the series lose weight without dieting. To read part one click here

Think positively

If there is one thing I have learned over the years is that psychological notch of diet is very important, and should be extremely easy to deal with less calories, but most of us know that it is not easy at all.Probably find it as well as those persons the provoker who will read this book – so I could describe as the way I want, but you and I don’t.

What is going on? I do not know. We can review the calories, and an account, and make sure they become as we want. … Then we turn the whole package of biscuits, why?

What I do know is that the catalyst for something emotive and has nothing to do with physical hunger, and that emotion can destroy all the goodwill of us are always negative emotions, such as anger, depression, boredom, frustration and lack of self-esteem, we can all eat.

Therefore, one of the greatest things that can help us is to think positively. I know that much easier, but it is very important to know that you should do this. This means that if you really want to lose weight, you have to understand your problems, or get a consultation, or to address all the problems that passed since childhood, or at least find another Director does not include dining.

When you think positively, you will still need to reduce the intake of calories (or more), but you’ll find that doing this has become much easier.

Stand up straight

God alone knows this advice very useful, they are also already. If you feel that your would collapse, or biscuits or call Wright a piece of leftover fresh sausage dish, just stand straight and return your shoulders back.

This physical change simple makes it much easier to resist temptation.I’m not saying it’s a magic wand and you’ve forgotten to eat exist, still need to do some work yourself, but strengthen your resolve, at least long enough to keep your Bangers, or leave the room.

At least try this before that sees me as an insane man.

Use motivational phrases

That you haven’t used motivational phrases before, it may seem trivial to you, but the contrast is really useful. It is very simple, you just continue to tell yourself what you want to hear. Again and again, inside your head or aloud (probably won’t be able to do it out loud when they are on the market, but if you people can’t embarrass) until taking root inside you. Then, continue to work on it even remains entrenched.

So, what do you say? Well, that’s up to you entirely. Maybe continue news yourself: “do I say no to food,” or “I have will power to lose weight.” after all this, you may find that what you cannot lose weight is that you resort to food when you feel unloved. So, you might want to tell yourself: “I loved and I am worthy of the love”. Explore positive attitude one would improve your ability to lose weight, and motivational phrases to use, make it positive, no less “will become obese,” but “will become thin.

how to lose weight without dieting or exercise (part 2) Diets & Weight Loss

You can use more than one motivational words; but, if you try to use dozens of motivational phrases, these messages will dovetail with each other. So, start with one or two. Once the effect, you can then add the other one.

Eat only in the presence of Allen DS

I don’t know about you, but I too believe the myth that if
One focuses not eat, it doesn’t matter as much as the food you eat.And why my mind – which I like to believe that good intelligence – believe this myth very puzzling; I think he just wants to believe.

As you can see, there are at least a part of my brain knows that this is nonsense, but I did not write this. But, part Rube from mental illness is what holds the reins when it comes to food, especially when coupled with the opportunity for individually.

The only way I know how to overcome this is to ensure that eat only in the presence of people, does not mean that you should go to the heart of the city during each meal, sit in the middle of the field to eat. What I mean is that you have to eat in front of others, not when they are outside the room.

Yes, there will be a problem if you live alone. However, I imagine sitting in my seat at the dining table with multiple people leads to the same effect where arrest me about fool myself thinking that no matter how much food that I will discuss, but of course in the end, my opinion is what matters always.

Do not eat without awareness

Here are usually other eating habits linked to your approach, to eat without awareness is not necessary because no objective, and what I mean by eating without awareness is to eat snacks while watching television, or chew some foods in your mouth when you’re busy talking to other people at a party, or eating more biscuits during engagement in reading your emails, or taking things lightly during cooking, or eating leftovers during your cleaning to the dining table, just for mere existence.

There is no interest in this, not only because you don’t need more calories, but also because you don’t enjoy the food already. If you want to lose weight, it is good to start by getting rid of all the food you eat without even notice it.

This book is about how to lose weight without feeling deprived. So, this is the ideal approach, how do you feel deprived of something you don’t even notice you are doing? Why not put the base you will eat only if you concentrate on enjoying it? Surely you understand because this command, it will be easy for you to do.

Do not listen to calls for cakes

There is a faint voice inside you, I like to call it “the voice of cakes”, who will try to convince you to eat when you don’t need it. It’s easy to mistake and believes that this voice is your voice, and your body asks you to compete AGA for food, but this is wrong. This weird sound basic objective is to trick you and tempted to eat that you do not need.

how to lose weight without dieting or exercise (part 2) Diets & Weight Loss

This sound will be accompanied by several reasons that justify your request in accordance with the second food, or eating a big piece of cake, while sufficient to address a small piece, or not deal with anything at all. Just open the refrigerator door and listen to this voice and hear tells you: “just one won’t harm you,” or “probably won’t get another chance to eat in the next few hours”, or “establishing that one did not address,” or “will you have plenty to eat.”

Listen to the voice of the cakes, when noted that he began to speak, telling him firmly that you are not in favour of talking to him, and cut all diplomatic relations with him, to recognize this sound, and away from your thinking, is half way to win the battle.

Incredible myths

Loves cupcakes sound common myths that strongly encourages you to eat when you don’t need it, it will tell you that this snack or dish this extra “do no harm”. And you’ll learn to identify such myths really is, is just a propaganda war designed to beat you in your fight with fat.

So make sure you know what I’m talking about, here are a few examples of myths that you lack conviction:

-If useful for you, this means that it does not increase your prices.
-The food you eat from dishes of others does not increase your prices.
– If the improper rejection, it would not increase the food weight.
-If you eat food standing up, it won’t harm you.
– Anything eat for medical purposes, such as chocolate to increase your concentration while driving, does not increase your prices.
– If resisted more high-fat foods are on the menu, nothing else will not increase your weight at all.
– Anything eat during your illness will not increase your weight.
-If you eat food while circus, will reduce your weight.
-If you choose from a list of foods containing less fats thing of present in the food chosen by the other person with you, this will not increase the food of your prices.

I know it sounds silly, as seemed to me during what you write, but it is amazing that we allow ourselves to drift behind sometimes used by some reasonable words more, equally deceptive, like: “just one won’t hurt.” or “I deserve this……”

Discover catalyst

Do you find it hard to deal with only one piece of chocolate? Or maybe one slice of bread? Funny, I don’t find it difficult at all to touch one Apple, or a small piece of grilled chicken. Some foods evoke the desire to eat more, while other foods don’t do it.


how to lose weight without dieting or exercise (part 2) Diets & Weight Loss

Do not represent these foods dangerous to us all, but a dangerous for most of us, they vary from person to person; however, there are some common foods like bread and pasta:, rice, potatoes, corn, and cereals, all foods rich in carbohydrates as you can see, cheese also from common foods in this regard (I agree with you, and I can prove this) and also, of course, chocolate. All of those salted foods, such as peanut and potato chips.

If you want to lose weight, you have to work to discover which foods stimulate the desire inside you and devour all the good intentions.Monitor the things that find it hard to say no when you begin and watch out for them, especially those foods rich in carbohydrates and salts and sugars.

Then, what will you do about it? Well, that’s your choice of course. But, if you want advice, I suggest you not keep those dangerous foods for you at home, or allow yourself to be dealt with only on certain days, or be firm about not addressed during
You are on your own. Simply identify the problem, is half way to solving them.

Discover catalyst (again)

Not only are some foods can stimulate the desire to eat, some attitudes and feelings the same effect, this can be a matter, such as the habit of buying a snack when you pay for fuel into the fuel station, I’ve mentioned this just now, or maybe you feel a desire to eat biscuits when anger you someone, or maybe you usually feel the desire to eat is not needed when you return home from work, or when you are tense, or when you feel bored or Concern.

When these dangerous moments, you can find a good alternative; perhaps you can instead of resorting to eating to take a bath when you return from work, or contact someone when I feel lonely, and maybe help some positive affirmations, or just find something you do for your distraction. For me, I find that I don’t never stop to eat during my game of crosswords or Sudoku, so help me booklet from this puzzle exist on the couch on my distraction from eating.

If you try one of these ways and did not benefit you, don’t get upset, and try something different, and you’ll find that alternative it sooner.

Reward yourself

I’ll tell you one of my problems relating to weight loss, they talked to many who tell me the same thing for them: when they lose weight, rtalin am very excited so I I reward myself with a piece of chocolate.

Thanks, don’t want you to write me and tell me about the error, I have discovered on my own, and in fact, there are two reasons behind this lack of success: the first is the fact that I turn to excess calories and pass the good work you’ve done. And second, that as long as food and reward are linked with each other to form complex within your mind, always suffer. Weight will be just what it will reward yourself with food, and candy will be is reward for eating all vegetables, or luxury meal is to reward success in that presentation, or eat a large quantity of drinks rich in sugars in your kid’s birthday party.

Of course, you deserve a reward when you lose weight. This is very true indeed. So, give yourself permission to go to the movies or shopping, or a candlelit bath, or massage. Do anything that does not include a meal.

Think of half full

Will never succeed in reducing your weight if you enjoy while you do this. When you start the journey should enjoy seeing the figure recorded balance decreases every time you stand on it, but until this happens, you really need to find a way to let you become a positive and optimistic about the whole thing. Researchers discovered that people who follow a diet with more positive mental state are more likely to successfully lose weight, which is not surprising really, but good to know that scientists confirm this idea.

One of the things you can do is to pour all your focus on what you can eat, not what you can’t. No less to yourself: “no more bread and potatoes to me today”, but say to yourself, “Oh, I’ll have the best soup for dinner, and don’t look for what’s in other people’s dishes and casseroles, but see the food on your plate, and thought:” great, I can touch on a lot of broccoli, it’s my favorite. “

In other words, positive framework will help you to think too much to reach your weight where you want it. So, don’t look to the plate as half empty, but were people seen “half full of dish.”

Pretending you’re finished packaging

Well, fit these words some people than others, and might require practice, but good mental strategy if you’re one of those people who can eat a whole package of biscuits (or anything else) in one sitting, I cannot deny that there is a sense of Ribe in TeX ten first complete package of biscuits in one sitting.

It’s funny, it’s very hard to stop yourself from eating another piece of cookies after you open the package, it remains so, and beckons you to do this course for her silence. However, once the packaging, it is easy to stop this. You don’t even think about. And don’t call biscuits (or whatever you eat).

What you need to do is to establish mental laziness after completion
The packaging inside you, it invokes after finishing eating only biscuits pieces. Keep packaging away and pretended it is over. Yes, I know you know it’s not over yet, but I also know that you know the feeling you get after you finish the Pack. So, try to evoke that feeling.

Probably won’t work this useful when first-time experience. But, if focused on mental condition after completion of each biscuit until you know it well so you evocation at any time, you should know that
Gradually it became easier to forget the biscuits without having to break it first.

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how to lose weight without dieting or exercise (part 2) Diets & Weight Loss

how to lose weight without dieting or exercise (part 2)