how to lose weight without dieting fast (part 3)

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Fast
How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Fast

how to lose weight without dieting fast (part 3)


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RW family

My words may cause this make anyone studied by analyzing the deal fearing shudders humanitarian because simplicity that I will give them a concept known as “personal”, but it doesn’t matter, we are concerned here only with the weight, this should be sufficient to help you a bit.

According to this system, we adopt one of three personal situations (we mostly use three cases at different times), we act in different ways, as defined in the science of human parental situation analysis and situation and the situation of children, and in fact there is more than one form for each of these cases. And “parental condition underlying”, you may also want to rename them, to either be compassionate father (“the need for a large bowl of pasta with cheese”), or critical father (“wasn’t supposed to deal with it, and no wonder you religion”).

“Your childish” three potential forms; you can be a normal child, happy and loving and automatically, or you can be a kid grips, you know that absorbs shocks and accumulating negative emotions (“had become obese, no one cares anyway”), or child rebels (“I’ll eat if you want this”).

Either person Rashed inside you is sensitive and rational and calm, and often is the only one who can commit to the diet. And in life in General, we need a balance between these three personal situations but learning to identify them can help us to Mr. on addressing food. When your wife says: “should not be dealing with this, and find that you figured it out, saying:” I’m not you tell me what I should and what should not dwell “and you are the place to eat, know that the rebellious child is speaking.Al-Rashed, person will stand, partly because his shoulders back, leaves food as it is.

how to lose weight without dieting fast (part 3) Diets & Weight Loss

When you learn to recognize the voice of the father or the child and it encourages you to eat without, you can transition to adulthood to resist this voice.

It may require a full book to explain this in detail. But, if you eat while you are interested in, motivated by sentimental reasons, I advise you to try to learn more about analyzing the deal.

Get rid of the influence of parents

We are getting used to some bad lifestyles so it becomes difficult for us to leave whenever we grew older. But, can we leave it, we can make sure that they will not move us to our children.

Well, what do you tell you your fathers and still has an impact on the way your food today – for the worse? What about the words “that the food in front of you? So that you do not want this, and I don’t need him, and he can prevent you from weight.

Here’s another phrase: “you won’t get any dessert, but after you finish your meal home. In other words, the sticky sweet fatty foods is wonderful, and the main meal is you have to incur to get sweet food.Another example: “come here, that this food! I hate waste, “or” think of starving children in Africa. “and then, eat up all the residues do not want instead of throwing them in the trash.

To be fair on the generation patterns, not obesity problem time, where they grew up during the war. But the ways in which it succeeds then is not only quick ways to gain weight.

In fact, the food you eat while you don’t want or need it, either in your belly or in the trash. The only difference is that you can put in the trash, it will not increase your weight. I’m not defending crap, but just remind you it great to prepare your budget so as to avoid the existence of leftover food, or use these residues in the next meal. But, even if you get rid of them, do not throw it in your mouth.

Expected volatility

Each person’s weight swings up and down, and certainly it happens with me. You don’t want access to constant weight never changes and even the amount of grams. Certainly, you don’t want that your success and increase your weight by a few kilograms every few weeks, but might accept the increase by lb or ritalin at most every few months. …This is normal.

So, don’t be disappointed if your weight has increased a few lbs than it was last summer, or if you came back again after being cubed o 1 lb I stopped the diet you follow. This is something that doesn’t require a malaise or anxiety.

The purpose of this advice is to become able to control your weight; not by avoiding the increase by a few pounds, but by acquiring skills and strategies that enable you to lose those few pounds whenever you want. So, as long as you control your weight and not vice versa, you are doing a good job.

Nest is credited not Medina

Well, it’s the weekend, going out to eat outside, or will reward yourself with a quick meal, and maybe go to a friend’s to deal with him at lunch.In both cases, it would be silly to prevent yourself from good food, right?Where’s the fun in that? Anyway, you can then spend a couple of days to address the alhaz this meal.

Stop! Here the fault lies, at least if you’re resembles me in anything these two days of moderation does not come start after you get what you want.

But the solution is very simple really. You’re absolutely right that there is no fun in life if you can’t get out of your routine from time to time. So, what you need to do is to exercise two days of moderate ingestion of food before they go out to eat that meal or lunch, that’s right, give yourself credit calories instead of being overdrawn. Just think how your enjoyment will increase when dealing with such a meal and you know you earned that right by your efforts.

See your beliefs

As a kid, we always address the dessert after the meal. And may be mild and healthy may not be so; but I just assumed that every meal ends with dessert. Over the years, I’ve done everything in my power to retrain myself. And now I think that candy is covered only when you go for a walk, or when you receive from visitors, or during a special event, and it’s not something that can be taken each day. This has been a long process. For years, I kept I think after every meal I eat that there is something missing when you don’t touch the candy, but I succeeded in eradicating that feeling at the end.

Maybe you have the same beliefs of that type, which doesn’t help you lose weight; maybe you feel that you cannot start the day without getting a full breakfast, or maybe look meal does not include potato is suitable for you, or maybe should cover many foods with grated cheese, or to deal with all the food on your plate, or should include lunch which will be or become a companion of him with you many sandwiches, or must be tea at 6 pm (which makes you hungry again In the evening).

Try discovering the unhelpful beliefs you have, change your perspective of what should be the form of the meal. You can always restore the train yourself bit by bit – I did not give up candy forever, took them on days I take the food without the presence of visitors. The secret of success here is to identify the problem and take steps to resolve it.

Follow a diet part

If overweight, I’m not sure that this advice useful. But, if you want to lose a few pounds only, or if you want to maintain your weight, but difficult for you, could you that advice.

The idea here is dieting only on certain days, maybe one day a week, from Monday to Friday each week and then deal with what you like (within reason) on the weekend, or to follow a diet at home only and does not apply when you go out to eat outside. This system can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle and also the amount of weight you want decreased. Follow the curriculum of the 80:20 – which consists of dieting, 80 percent of the time and eat normally on the remaining 20 percent.

I guess you noticed the dangerous gap here; it’s easy to tell yourself on days that will follow the diet that you can eat what you crave. If you experience this, I’m sure it will not pass much time until you discover it’s not useful. The reason for this is that people who have a healthy weight don’t overindulge in fatty cakes and sandwiches. You have to focus your thinking on what makes you “eat”. In other words, this does not mean you do not you can start eating more Muffins (obviously that would be silly), but rationality and moderation.

If you can do this (not easily seen everyone that benefit), this will represent a great way to lose weight gradually with no sense of deprivation during the process.

Use practical tricks

The real battle, when it comes to weight loss, lies in your head, if you don’t train yourself to think properly, it will never reach for what you want.

However, there are many practical strategies that you can use to help you, you should try each tip and trick can be shamelessly, and there are many in this book, but don’t make it the maximum limits. Ask in your surroundings and read the articles and creating your own ideas.

Do not accept that the only way to do this correctly is to establish rational orientation fit inside you. Yes, Yes, that’s true, but you should get all the help you can get them as well. So, use every idea you think might help you along the way.

Don’t eat less but eating different food

The purpose of this advice is not lose weight by eating less food than eat now – although this is a useful tool, but it will make you feel deprived, which seek to avoid in this book. No, but all you need is to eat differently.

Certainly, if you have a lot of extra weight that you want to get rid of it may prefer to speed up the process by following strict diets for some time. This is return to you. However, you can lose weight by eating differently, you should do this to maintain weight as having up to the weight you want.

how to lose weight without dieting fast (part 3) Diets & Weight Loss

What kind of difference? Well, eating grilled instead of fried food is significantly different, and also eat lots of vegetables and small pieces of foods high in calories, rather than vice versa, and padding instead of low-fat mayonnaise, chicken fat syncytium instead of fatty meats, and fruit salad instead of ice cream. You definitely know what alternatives are low calorie, or know where you can find out about them.

He continued to eat. If she starved yourself, your stamina will coldness, maybe give up in the end. And we don’t need this, just choose foods that fill your plate at the same time not that give you any extra calories.

If you are on your way to a meal, do not address the first meal

Here’s a nice philosophical idea: How can eat again without first addressing? I’ll tell you this. Generally, you know when there is a second meal awaits you, whoever offers, it definitely will say something nice and relaxing, such as: “there is a lot here – everyone can get a second meal, or you know that your mother is always above other pieces of cakes, tea time, or maybe you are the one for himself so you know this well.

The problem is that it’s very hard to say no to the second. Well, I’s like to do. That you need to do is Miss the first meal, knowing in your mind that you will get a second meal. Another piece of Apple Pie, so to speak. It is your pleasure grows will be waiting for your meal, instead of feeling bad about the feelings go for a meal again. When everyone around you in the way of a second meal, you can say: “actually, I think it’s OK to eat some of it.”

Buy smaller dishes

And then, I use. If you like the idea of handling a full plate of food, you can continue to do this. You just have to eat in smaller dishes.Researchers found that people who consume at least 30 percent more calories than if you put large dishes full of food, while the small dishes that carry a sufficient quantity of food can make them feel fullness.

If overweight, maybe the best results using the flat dishes. If you want to lose a little weight, or maybe you don’t need to lose weight and would like to just keep on directly, buy medium-according the dish flat dish dinner.

how to lose weight without dieting fast (part 3) Diets & Weight Loss

In fact, the standard size of dish dinner from 10 inches to 12 inches (25 cm to 30 cm) in the past 20 years. So, it’s good to go to the shop and choose for yourself in accordance with the special scale-perhaps replacing old purposes these famous dishes. If I liked the dish already, it will be something special for you, and will be happiest with. And if you find it difficult to buy these pots, I agree with you, but I am sure there is a dish somewhere waiting to buy it.

No ttenao e all

Place the base to leave something on your plate after each meal. Very easy to feel that you must finish all the food on your plate, especially if you grew up to do this, but, if you get hungry, you do not need this food, so why eat?

Personally, I think that having a dog helps this, it makes me feel that the food will not be lost in vain because I have of him gave him (though worse than children eating vegetables). But, of course, even this food into the trash, it will be worse than taking it when you don’t need it.

I hope that you discover yourself that one would not be a lettuce leaf, no difference. So, you must leave something high in calories if you want to feel you good work.

Over time, having settled on the weight you want, you’ll find yourself eating the food you don’t need something very bad. But this requires training, this is a very useful technique to help you reach this stage.

If you can’t resist the temptation, avoid

I always keep a box full of biscuits. Anyway, it will cause pieces of local biscuit great harm, right? Possibly not. The error I had was I convinced myself that I will not touch upon more than two pieces at a time. When you take out the two pieces of the enclosure, was quickly followed by two, two, two.

To overcome this very simple just do not keep cookies at home. It seems this is painful. But already, that there was no biscuit at home, will not be able to call you from the kitchen, it’s hard to think of anything related to biscuits. Of course, this applies to the sausage and crackers, cakes and anything else.

And don’t let you you purchased for children, it is better for them to eat chocolate crackers only events that permanently sharp blades. After skipping the first shock of the new diet, forget that there was a home any meals not healthy at all.

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how to lose weight without dieting fast (part 3) Diets & Weight Loss