Get rid of obesity without a specific diet (part 4)

Get Rid Of Obesity Without A Specific Diet
Get Rid Of Obesity Without A Specific Diet

Get rid of obesity without a specific diet

Follow the fourth part of the series lose weight without dieting. Click on the links below to browse the previous parts: part 1, part 2, part 3

Counting up to ten

Place a rule that could not avoid the temptation to eat you will at least count up to ten before the dish. This may seem a trivial thing, but actually useful. First, this method force you to stop and think about what to do and whether you want to eat this food or not.

However, you might decide to continue on your way and eat, that’s your choice – well, I don’t mind this, it is your own – I’m from increase weight. May this way, at least you will have the opportunity to think about how much you need of this food and make an informed decision.

On the other side, should be aware, at least at times, just stop to think about it all you need to do to stop yourself. Maybe havent will do less calories, or perhaps not addressed at all, the truth is that the pause period counting from one up to ten shows that you are unable to stop even ten, and another, and so on, until the temptations.

The only thing you have to caution here is that you shouldn’t blame yourself if you keep your way and ate. Even if you stop eating once every ten times exercised this way, it has refrained from eating 10 calories that you be addressed, you can congratulate yourself.

Get rid of obesity without a specific diet (part 4) Diets & Weight Loss

Always shop and your stomach is full

Listen, if I feel hungry when you login to the supermarket or store foods, you cause problems for yourself, they often would look all attractive views, even those candy pink nauseating restraint that look like they are made from synthetic fibers.

So, make yourself known and shop your needs immediately after eating. No, not a destination address a snack before going to shop, this will create a new problem, but it is intended that the shop immediately after taking breakfast or lunch or dinner, if shopping (this tip me than you), it will become much easier to buy foods you need already only.

In fact, you might also shop online, although you may not want to do it for other reasons. And if you bear the cost of doing it, it definitely helps you to comply with the shopping list you need, and is what makes this genre n shopping cheaper for most people until after the delivery fees.

Anyway, would you a picture of a box of cereal enough to beckon those scents that blow from the bakery.

You can eat when you like … …

There are many dietary myths concerning the time of eating. Well, acceptable but with work your mind. It is not true that food increases your weight if addressed at certain times of the day. To what extent is it unscientific? Price is calories when you eat at any time.

If you don’t want to eat breakfast, and harm you eat when you want to lose weight, don’t eat. Similarly, if you want your evening meal, please address one.

You don’t have to deal with everything you need from calories before lunch date even reduce your weight, and you do not also stop eating after 8 p.m. to make it happen.

There are psychological benefits for many people to abide by the rules, but it is not inevitable, as long as you can avoid danger, you overlooked.

But be careful

Now she warned you that there are risks in not eating breakfast or dine in the evening, you should avoid, it is only fair to tell you what these threats, so you can decide the date.

That danger exists in not eating breakfast is that you will be hungry mid-morning snack will address are not healthy as far as breakfast is not covered.

If you’re at work, be easy to deal with a small pie or a piece of candy, while he can deal with low-fat yogurt with one fruit at home.Incidentally, according to research, people who eat breakfast are faster and more accurate in the morning for those who do not eat breakfast, although I agree it’s not to do with weight.

What about food evenings? Again, the danger is excessive eating. We are more likely to snack in the evening on the morning, like eating without consciousness while watching tv, etc. And then, there is gravity in the main meal at this time.

Also, it may affect your food in the evening on your sleep patterns, and if you can’t get enough sleep, maybe this will give you to eat more food, too.

Now it has became known risks, you can see why the experts they advise you to breakfast and not eating in the evening. But, if you can resist temptations, continue your way and eat whenever you want.

Always place food on plate

Listen, if you eat directly from the can or the refrigerator or fate or the packaging, it is hard to notice that you eat. This account will be food, right? Error. What fool your mind, but you can’t fool your body; these calories accumulate inside your body whether its allowed or not.

Very easy to do this, it is very difficult to stop him. Just place the base you won’t eat unless put in the dish first, it makes you stop and think what to do, and makes you consider him properly and aware of what you eat, and often this is all it takes to improve a little bit and stop eating foods that don’t need it.

Don’t buy foods you don’t like

Well, you might be thinking: “I will follow a diet, not only bought salads and low-fat foods, not tapas and nothing else.”

I’ve this error before you buy all the things that you think should be dealt with and forget that you are in fact not like a salad, or you hate white cheese, or you find a skinned chicken breasts too dry, or you unbearable option.

So, go to the kitchen for something to eat, come as surprise, can’t find something you enjoy. So, you end up remaining confection of deals yesterday, or go out to get a quick bite.

Get rid of obesity without a specific diet (part 4) Diets & Weight Loss

It’s good to be noble, but this won’t help you. You must think as would, it is much easier to abide by any kind of diet if you can open the fridge and thinking: “this is awesome!” so, think carefully as you love to eat, and then committed to the non-species rich in calories, and don’t go to buy celery just because you think you should do this.

Know any snacks that are rich in calories

Here’s another error I used to do, although I think I finally have learned now, I used the link between “health” and “lose weight”. So, whatever good for health was acceptable from my point of view.

They used snacks of nuts, or Apple with a piece of cheese, or with chickpeas.

Of course, the cheese and nuts and hors d’oeuvres were not food-poor calories. It is good for health, eat in moderation, you can actually reduce your weight if the rest of your diet is suitable.

For me, I didn’t drink in moderation, because I didn’t realize the amount of fat they contain. Did you know that 100 grams of walnuts contains almost 700 calories? Nor am I too.

Nuts, cheese, Delicatessen, sauces salad dressings, avocado …There are many foods that seem healthful but full of calories. So, before you start eating assumed good faith, just make sure you know how much calories you will add you a snack following ingestion.

Keep healthy snacks in the House

Now, I’ve identified any snacks will help you actually lose weight and which ones won’t help you, and the next natural step is to go to purchase them.

I know this is obvious, but very easy to run out of health food of your own, and if not to shop regularly, this can cause destruction of any plans to lose weight.

In fact, it is very important to make sure that there is nothing in the House you can eat when you need a snack, but they can weaken and dealing with whatever you can.

Maybe not today, but it is only a matter of time until passing through a bad day, and that could not get some carrots, you might end up and you deal with all the foods that you know that you should not eat.

Maybe she hates carrots. Well, sit down (Yes now, continue …), and type a list of snacks that do not contain a large amount of calories as you like, then go and buy some of them.

Don’t buy unhealthy snacks

Maybe this is reviewed elsewhere, but worth repeating. If you still keep around snacks that you prefer, the sooner you will coldness and be addressed.

Anyway, did you bought that you do not plan to eat? If he loves someone else in the family, something extremely difficult; they must learn to eat celery and white cheese instead.

Isn’t it great to be the kind of men who looked to his favorite snack to fill his eyes and then run? Well, you don’t. Not yet, let’s not try running before they learn to walk.

Make it a sacred ritual

If you prepare a snack for yourself, perhaps it will help you make it a ritual like a huge order. This helps you to feel that you havent addressed enough, compared to capture a handful of dried fruit from inside the jar.

I have a friend who used to eat salad onions and tomatoes at lunch when it reduces its weight (the word has been added successfully).Was out chopping knife, and brings the plum tomatoes with half an onion, and equipped in accordance with.

Then chop the tomatoes and onions as thin slices and placed them on each other in the dish. Then, sitting and dealing with authority. As you can see, although the calorific value was nil, and the amount of food is not great, it felt like a full meal, can all the happiness that waits for a few extra hours before the next meal deals.

This advice is an extension of advice: always place the food in the dish, this makes each meal or snack and remarkable event more, feel more comfortable physically and mentally.


It was one of my sons birthday party a few days ago (all the congratulatory words gratefully accepted). On the table there was a bowl of crackers, had approached him too and one addressed, then I remembered.

Remember that once you start becoming much more difficult to stop than to stop without dealing with the first one. So, I resisted.

Two days later, I was lunching with a friend, and you pick up salad (delicious) while dealing with it (sandwich) of meat beside French fries.

And has invited me to eat with potatoes, which certainly would be fatal for me, it occurred to me a genius idea, I said to him: “I will not refuse your offer so that I can prevent myself, but that didn’t mind leave me one or two after you finish your plate, that would be great.”

He did, and had enjoyed dealt with scientific cannot steamy to eat more because it was eating the rest. (Remember, I have been eating all the delicious crispy potatoes).

The idea here is not to fool yourself that you afford downtime. That was unable to stop before you start, you obviously won’t be able to stop after the start, this is less a moment of difficulty to say no, and becomes much harder after that.

On the flip side, if you can get one or two before all ends, you are a winner.

Havent used stronger

One of the ways you can reduce your rate of calorie is replaced by moderate stronger flavors flavours when cooking. For example, if you put the Parmesan cheese instead of cheddar cheese, béchamel, you need something that contains less calories to get the same flavor.

Be alert for other useful alternatives; butter pretzel stronger taste of unsalted butter, and Bacon alongside other food might be stronger than meat smoker. So you can use less of them.

Also, pure olive oil Centre tastes stronger than other light types, increase spices flavor without having to add more fatty ingredients. You don’t need to tell you about all the possibilities, just check out the recipes and see if there are any useful substitutions you can do before you start cooking

Eat low calorie food

Of course, not only the strength of the food is what you replace, you can also replace calorie-rich foods with low calorie alternatives; you can substitute margarine for butter, muffins thick with thin candy-wrapped, milk, non-fat milk or low-fat, half-completed, bacon, defatted meat, etc.

It’s just a matter of habit, when used to replace ice tray Karim with plugins-rich ice cream tray without further additions medium, thick bread bread medium fish, white bread, brown bread, you’ll find yourself automatically go to different rack inside the supermarket.

And before it’s too late, early your fridge with low-fat mayonnaise, tuna packed in water instead of oil, etc.

In other words, it will become easier as you. Just make some effort to find out a suitable replacement now, and soon you’ll find yourself dealing with foods that help you lose weight, even without notice.

Be mindful of what the poster

As you know, the food foods manufacturers think they can cheat.

But, we are not so stupid and won’t pass heilhom beinhom, we know that the words “low fat” located on the packaging does not mean that we will increase our weight, and that the words “low fat” does not mean that it does not contain fat, and fat “multiple non-saturation” or “allachba” contain many calories too, so that was better covered for other reasons.

Get rid of obesity without a specific diet (part 4) Diets & Weight Loss

Here’s what some posters found on packages of foods until they become attentive to her:

– “Low fat” means only that this food contains less fat than usual, or less than full-fat alternatives. And may still be full of calories.
– Likewise, does not mean “less fat” that already contains a small amount of fat, it means that it is less fat for this type of food only.

Surely, low-fat mayonnaise contains less fat than the regular mayonnaise but mayonnaise is still made of eggs and oil. So, it still contains a large amount of calories.
– “Fat free 90% means that 10 percent of food made of fat. If you want to already low-fat content, the equivalent of 100 grams of the food, and you’ll get 3 grams of fat or less.
– Of course this applies equally to the sugar and salt and any other things.

In fact, you should read the written on the package to learn what’s where, and no trace is noticeable t written on the label.

Washoe, not less than

The way they cook their food has a great impact over your control on your weight. Contains one teaspoon of oil to 120 calories. If you use the amount one teaspoon of oil in your cooking for five days a week, that’s over seven pounds of equivalent calories in General. Are you sure that this spoon worth this risk?

Always Broil food instead of work if you can get it, or cook it in the oven rack until it runs out of fat. Another simple change will later; I’d love eat fried, but now the best grilled food after I used it. I have become that many fried sticky and creamy.

Of course, sometimes you certain recipes to use Pan and I don’t want you to feel deprived, they will tell you not to fry anything, but what you can do is buy a good Pan non-stick so you don’t have to add a lot of oil to fry them, or at least use the oil bottle with sprayer, which helps you to reduce the amount of oil that you use.

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Get rid of obesity without a specific diet (part 4) Diets & Weight Loss

Get rid of obesity without a specific diet (part 4)

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