can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8)

Can You Still Lose Weight Without Dieting
Can You Still Lose Weight Without Dieting

can you still lose weight without dieting

Follow up the eighth and final part of the series lose weight without dieting. Click on the links below to browse the previous parts:part 1, part 2,part 3,part4, part 5part 6, part 7

Walk faster

The faster or The higher the speed of your walk,, the more calories you burn. Assuming – taking into account your weight and your height – you’re going for ten mins @ 2 mph (this compatibility is nice) and burn up to 26 kcal. Well, if doubled speed of up to 4 miles per hour, will burn 61 kcal. This more than doubled. (can you still lose weight without dieting)

So, even if you do additional exercises, and if you simply walk more quickly each time going between the shops, you will burn more calories.The example assumes the higher you walk for ten minutes, so what if half an hour? Will burn an extra 100 calories just by your increase of speed.

One thing left to know; those figures must be commensurate with the periods spent in walking, if I walked by twice the speed for the same distance in half the time it would arrive, and would not bring any benefit.

This exercise is exercise that must be exercised when the amount of walking unspecified – for example, keeping a dog or walk around the park with the kids.

Get a pedometer

If you’re serious about burning more calories by walking, get a pedometer, you know, it’s one of those devices that are your steps and tell you the extent to which his walks. Some tell you tons of information, but the most useful is the linear digital counters.

If you want to become fit and healthy, should target walking 10.000 step a day, equivalent to walking for approximately 5 miles, I know this sounds scary, but remember you are probably walking a long distance, during boarding and disembarking your stairs at work, or walking inside the House to collect laundry.

 And will not reach this target without some walking exercises, of course, but you have to walk on your feet to five miles every day.(can you still lose weight without dieting)

If the idea of walking daily step 10.000 looks tough for you, just start by noting the number of steps the line every day, and then targeted to increase by 500 daily step for example, when you get used to this level, add 500 another step of walking daily. And without that you become aware of walking daily step 10.000, which means burn approximately 500 calories.

Make everyday life more vibrant

Away from finding a way to do calisthenics in your life, you can also make ongoing exercises more vibrant. For example, when I began to lose my weight put a rule that always held during the bottom of the stairs. And now this is easy for me, I overcome irritability started two at each step during the running up of peace.

I know my girlfriend loves cooking music dancer. She dances while moving toward the kitchen and burn more calories that way, and I also know the other woman always walk around the kitchen while speaking on the phone.

If you go to work by train, you may have to use the escalator. So, place the base thou always escalate the stairs walk and will not stand idle on the escalator to ascend without any effort.

No matter the amount of time that would be wasted in this way, we always find time for this kind of exercise, and all the effort even if a little benefit.

Think about how you celebrate

Social events makes it difficult to lose weight. If you go to these events every few weeks, that’s not a bad thing. If you socialize more, or go to accomplish many links, or begin to celebrate the new year early in early December and increase your weight even before new year’s, you need a few strategies to skip these events without damage.(can you still lose weight without dieting)

You can allow yourself to indulge in these events if the already occur once each period. But the danger is in thinking it’s good to go to a banquet, while you are, in fact, invited to banquets or three other week.

Therefore, it is very important to be realistic for the extent of the risks, and that there were social events to help increase your weight, don’t allow yourself to go.

And consciously, I make the effort to find a way to pace each concert or event before you go. Think of how temptations that might exist, and how you will deal with it without to ruin the evening.

There are a few ideas to help you on this in the next few pages, and always be attentive to any other ideas, or ask your friends interested in the their weight on how they deal with the social whirl. Trust me, you can succeed. It requires just a bit of thought.(can you still lose weight without dieting)

Eat before you go

I know this sounds crazy. How can it be useful to eat twice rather than once? Well, the idea is that if you eat a snack before going out from home, you will be less hungry and it will be easy for you to eat in moderation when you arrive at the concert. The meal must be dealt with in the “light”, it will help you deal with a big meal before going out.

If you get the feast, you don’t need to be in a severe case of hunger on arrival (up earlier than the usual time to taking food), because this will make you gobble up food more than you need before you realize you’ve dealt with enough.

can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8) Diets & Weight Loss

If there is a large dining table in concert, it would be much easier to resist different appetizers if you’ve already dealt with something before you go.(can you still lose weight without dieting)

So, whatever the occasion, eat little food before going to reduce hunger, will help you eat less when accessed.

Say no to moodiness

Those appetizers and dishes of nuts very dangerous; where you feel not only a little food. But this way, you can consume what is supposed to spend all day calories in minutes. Just don’t do it.

Much easier to not begin in moodiness to address two of the appetizers and then stop. If you trust yourself already, the lightest, with little or no dessert whatsoever, or by intake of nuts, crackers, and then stops.However, if you trust yourself, you did not address my dear? It should address any of them – and the trick here is not to look at it.

And if you brought someone by your side, looking into the waiter and you say: “no thanks, not for me” and compete with yourself to see if you can end the evening without dealing with them or not. This will not be long to people who talk with them and they put the food in their mouth.(can you still lose weight without dieting)

Here’s a quick tip: don’t stand in the nearby dining table or nuts or anything of that sort. Extremely easy to eat without consciousness while chatting with others, but when you’re on the other side of the room is very difficult to snap.

Be the last on the table

If you are attentive to what they eat during dinner, you can get an advantage from the fact that you will become one of the few people who do this, be sure to be one of the last to arrive at the table, it is likely that many high-calorie foods will have disappeared.

Keep in mind that although you think that salad does not fatten quickly, this does not mean that all cold foods contain few calories. (I know this error is easy to fall into it), there is something called a few calories in pasta salad made with mayonnaise, cheese, cooked with bacon. You should get rich salads, vegetables and a few fruits and spices, chicken cold skips pasties in calories, you should choose the smallest slice of meat.

can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8) Diets & Weight Loss

Observed sizes the dishes too. If significant, do not fill the dish so fabulous too, and make sure that the amount of food that you will be addressed if you cook with care for yourself at home.

Maybe you feel you miss a lot and you reluctantly pass the delicious cheesecake or warm bread rolls, but I go to the other side of the room and enjoy in your plate, and you shortly what you miss, as well as that you have generated a wonderful feeling to be someone worthy of success at the end of the evening.(can you still lose weight without dieting)

Eating two pieces of appetizers

No, not by the main meal … If you eat in the restaurant, one of the easiest ways to maintain the low calorie level is to get the starters while dealing with everyone else seem like home. Yes, we must be second appetizers normal size, not the size of the main meal.

Personally, I often receive appetizers acceptable over the list of main meals, and while I can’t choose between the two. Therefore, addressing both seems a good solution. If you think you will force the abandonment of some key food options, don’t look to this part of the list, and by the time will arrive when the food your friends would be too late to change your mind.

Place the Spice aside

If you request the salad, watch out for the amount of calories present in spices. I don’t suggest you addressed without spices altogether (unless you want to), but you will save a lot of calories if you can avoid most of the spices.

The solution to this situation is to ask the waiter to put condiments on the side of the dish, then, it is available for you to take one teaspoon or two tablespoons of spice and published on the salad yourself, or you can leave it as is and Spice dip your impudence during taking him.

Leave something on your plate

Believe it or not, if you leave a quarter of the food in the dish as it is, you avoid eating 300 calories for the average size of the packed restaurant.Of course I have not children to restaurants and I all look myself, but this statistic shocked me already during my reading.

I must point out that it would not be helpful at all to leave all lettuce and deal with the rest. Try leaving the potatoes, or part of a main dish, or pastries at the top of the pie, and that makes a big difference.

Generally, it’s a good idea to request food that doesn’t come with spicy sauce, so it’s always been a haven for calories. So, the grilled fish contain very little calories less than the cooked fish in a spicy sauce of any kind. If you’ve already succumbed to the temptations of rich dishes with gravy, try to leave a lot of broth in the dish is eaten.

Candy section

Of course, the best option, and more moderate is not dealing with dessert at all, in many cases, it is best if you can do so, however, if you are not trying to lose three quarters of its weight, and just trying to lose a little weight, it seems a shame to give up sweets every time I dine out.

can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8) Diets & Weight Loss

If you are abroad with other friends, or your spouse, feel what you feel, why not request in accordance with one of the candies to everyone around the table? However, at this stage there is one hungry and all there is is you want to taste the candy because it looks good.

So, if you decide to go directly to the coffee this time, the only challenge is to agree with the signature on the type of candy that sttalbonha.

Practise saying no

Know someone managed to lose weight by 56 lbs in a year. Don’t follow any diet, but just reduce the amount of bread, potatoes, sweets etc. It was really very fond of candy, and when he goes out at lunch, as he does often – could not resist.

The solution used by the genius of this problem is already training, preparing for the moment comes where the waiter to ask for candy applications, saying: “only coffee me, thank you.” This saying has become natural for him until he became a pronounced before even thinking about it.

If you know a citizen for you – and I bet you know, only trains on the “correct” answer, for women that you want, so that when the decisive moment you can reply with the answer that you want.

can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8) Diets & Weight Loss

Cook for yourself

I know it’s not always available to prepare food for yourself, especially if you dine with others. But, if you cook him for yourself then you will already know what is; anyone else can put twice as much has you put mayonnaise, or use varieties of Greek yogurt, whole milk, or FRY him instead of grilling him.

If you want to control how much they eat food, you to cook your food; invite your friends to dine with you, instead of you go to eat them (especially if they tend to cook fatty foods), or prepare lunch in advance and take them with you to work instead of having to buy something from a local, or sandwiches to go with your friends for coffee instead of going to lunch (unless you cook him).

I used to tell myself that my life is so busy I can’t often cooking. But, when I decided to lose weight and found that it is possible to cook your my food much more than I pretend, in the end, I found that the extent to which the will to lose weight. If you like it, you’ll find the way.

can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8) Diets & Weight Loss

Reduced soft drinks

Obviously one of the things that contain high calorie, which exist in any social events for many people, is a soft drink. Perhaps succeed in reducing the amount of taking them at home, but very hard to do that when you’re surrounded by friends drink what they like.

There are definitely some drinks that contain less calories than others, natural juices contain less calories from soft drinks. So, the natural juices are the perfect solution (since you don’t drink whenever they are presented to you), and best of all this is the natural juices that aren’t adding any material to desalination so they don’t carry a large number of calories.(can you still lose weight without dieting)

Other options to replace the juices and carbonated water during the evening. If you followed each cup of any drink with a glass of water, it will make you feel healthier, fullness, and help improve your interior, and will help you – if you look beyond
– To avoid future side effects of carbonated water, why not do it?

can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8) Diets & Weight Loss

Don’t give up

I’ve tried a lot of quitting, so I took off with him again for eight months and then came back to him in the end. Gradually, after decades of smoking, succeeded in quitting. And the idea of quitting are only if you do not succeed in quitting this time does not mean you won’t succeed in quitting the next time, but everything you need is just to find the way that suits you.

The same is true for weight loss; I’ve struggled without success with my weight for years before I find motivation to decrease, then a successful mix of timely and appropriate strategies do you want. And did not mean that the system I recently followed the previous system or did not succeed, or the system will not work.

The important thing is not to embrace the same diet and make your head is, that you are going through a bad day or week – or even two bad – this does not mean that you will succeed in reducing your weight.You just never lacked.

So, don’t give up and think positively. Use the strategies in this book, and what your mind thinks rather than the dictates of your stomach, you will only be a matter of time until you reach the desired weight.

can you still lose weight without dieting (part 8) Diets & Weight Loss