What is the diabetes treatment of type 1 ?

treatment for type 1 diabetes

What is the diabetes treatment of type 1 ?

diabetes treatment :The answer is aimed at diabetes treatment methods of the first type to maintain the rate of sugar in the blood within the sound and this is very important to prevent the deterioration of the patient’s condition.

The methods of treatment are as follows:

1. Insulin Injection stems from diabetes type I because of the inability to produce insulin Pancreas sufficient quantity so these patients go Clubbing for taking insulin from an external source.

Is the process of taking insulin by injection needle into the body, especially the layer located under the skin in the abdomen or in the thigh.

It should be noted that he could not take this insulin through mouth because Enzymes the digestive system is analyzed before that is entered to the blood.

What is the diabetes treatment of type 1 ? diabetes

There are several types of insulin needles, which is different from them in the time that you need to begin its work, which will continue to be replenished in their impact.

The table below shows the most prevalent types of insulin:

What is the diabetes treatment of type 1 ? diabetes

the doctor’s choice of the type of insulin and quantity appropriate for the patient, taking into account several factors, including the generation and type of food consumed by the patient and the pattern of consumption of alcohol and its activity and athletes and physically and willingness to comply with the planned program of treatment.(diabetes treatment)

There is also a physical factors are taken into account such as the capacity of Pancreas to produce certain amounts of insulin and estrogen) (female hormone) which changed during the session monthly medicine in response to the patient.

The presence of acute diseases or chronic, for example, we note that the patient needs the sugar Insulin More to adjust the level of sugar in the flu.

Patients usually described two types of insulin, for example, one of the means used are: insulin is the effect of long-term take once a day to provide the proportion of insulin would be essential in the blood throughout the day, and insulin is “the beginning of the work of Check-In ” takes 10 minutes before each meal.

In recent years have been marketing new way to inject insulin, namely “pumps insulin” (insulin Pump) is a small area in the enclave flatpanel needle under the skin, in which the insulin when needed.

This is the patient to set the device to the quantity of insulin, which wants to be taken without having pricking himself each time.diabetes treatment

The amount of insulin needed by the patient relating to the proportion of blood sugar quantity carbohydrates meal in your confirmation email, therefore the patient to examine the proportion of glucose in the blood several times a day.

Is an examination of the quantity of insulin in the body through the so-called glucocheck – where the person with a poke his finger needle small set up for this purpose in order to introduce a point of blood to the device to determine the amount of sugar in the body.

2. Attention Food Diets, where there are three basic objectives of the Diet: ​adjusting sugar rate: on the patient to choose the food that lacks a Pro-Carb which contains the vehicles of food glycemic index (glycemic Index) is low.

Blood Pressure Control: The patient Reduce salt in eating with a view to reducing blood pressure.(What is the diabetes treatment of type 1 ?)

Adjust the weight and cholesterol and reduce alcohol.

3. To sports activities on a regular basis: Help the burning of sugar and reduce the proportion of glucose in blood and weight.

4. Avoid factors that contribute to raising sugar such as psychological pressure and medicines, which raises the proportion of sugar such as steroids.

diabetes treatment

What is the diabetes treatment of type 1 ? diabetes

It should be noted that the values of sugar, which is the patient sugar maintained is:

sugar rate before eating: 70-130 mgm\del.

The proportion of sugar after eating: < 180 mgm\del.

The value of the . 7% >: Ha1C

What is the diabetes treatment of type 1 ?



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