what fruit can a diabetic eat

what fruit can a diabetic eat

what fruit can a diabetic eat


what fruit can a diabetic eat :Diabetes is characterized by a rate of sugar in the blood too high, exposing them to long-term complications potentially serious. The diabetics, but also the persons exposed to an increased risk of diabetes are thus invited to observe the hygiene measures of life, particularly in the area of nutrition and physical activity. Concerning the fruit, it is recommended to increase their consumption. However, some are more beneficial than others …
what fruit can a diabetic eat diabetes

what fruit can a diabetes person eat


What fruit eat against diabetes?

what fruit can a diabetic eat:The fruit, of their richness in fiber and antioxidants, are recommended to prevent the risk of diabetes, but there are differences depending on the types of fruit.
The researchers analyzed the results of 3 large epidemiological studies that have focused on a total of more than 12,000 people.
what fruit can a diabetic eat diabetes
Several associations have been highlighted: the people who eat the most fruits are the more senior citizens, those who practice the more physical activity, which take multi-vitamins and who drink the most of fruit juices.
Conversely, the consumption of fruit decreases with the overweight and smoking. Overall, more than the consumption of fruit is high, the greater the risk of developing diabetes decreased: with 5 fruit per week, this risk is reduced by 19 per cent and 11 per cent with 3 weekly fruit.
However, there are differences depending on the types of fruit. The fruit rich in anthocyanins, the antioxidant substances that are found especially in the blueberries, strawberries or apples did not diminish always the risk of diabetes, questioning the exclusive role of this antioxidant.
The researchers are then interested in another antioxidant, Chlorogenic acid that is found in peaches, plums and apricots.
But again, the effects are variable. In the end the researchers have identified individually the fruit the more interesting screw-to-screws of diabetes: the grape, which decreased by 12 per cent the risk of diabetes, the apples and pears (17 % ), the prunes (11 % ), the grapefruit (7 % ), bilberries (7 %) and bananas (5 % ).what fruit can a diabetic eat
The oranges, peaches and apricots do not seem to have any effect on diabetes. In contrast, the melon and strawberries are associated with an increase of 9-10 per cent of the risk of diabetes. Finally, attention, the fruit juice clearly increase the risk of diabetes.
That retain? He must eat a lot of fruit. Then, that some fruits are more beneficial than others. To be sure to get the best benefits, the safest course is to vary as much as possible its consumption of fruit! Finally, the fruit juices are to limit …

Fresh fruit against diabetes

Eat bilberries, among other fruits would be, advised to reduce his risk of diabetes. But the benefit would not be visible as if it is of fruit wines.(what fruit can a diabetic eat)


what fresh fruit can a diabetic eat ?


A few blueberries, apples or fresh grapes would reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.


In contrast, the consume in the form of industrial juice would increase the risk of the develop. This disease is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, i.e. too high a rate of sugar in the blood.


Type 2 diabetes affects more than adults and people in overweight and obese.

In the British Medical Journal, researchers in the United States, British and Singaporean explain you have compiled the data from three American studies on 187,383 persons whose 151,209 women.

The consumption of fruit and fruit juices in individuals in good health has been studied all four years. 12,000 Persons have developed type 2 diabetes during the duration of the study (19 to 24 years) what fruit can a diabetic eat
what fruit can a diabetic eat diabetes

The melon and strawberries, vectors of diabetes?

what fruit can a diabetic eat :The results show that the people who eat some fruit two times per week at least would lower their risk of type 2 diabetes by 23% compared to those who do not consume it once a month. The fruit in question cited by the researchers are, in order, the blueberries, grapes, apples, pears, bananas and then the grapefruit.
In contrast, a large consumption of melon and strawberries would diabetes. “The fruits have content variables in fiber and antioxidants, among other nutrients which can jointly influence the risk of diabetes”, believe the authors of the study.
Several jobs have put in before the virtues of certain foods to prevent type 2 diabetes.
Among them, the garlic, which helps the liver to regulate the excess of sugar in the blood; spinach, whose antioxidants affect the pace of combustion of sugar or even the lawyer rich in fiber.
American researchers have also recommends eating 8 nuts per week.