Sugar allergy problem & diet – sugar allergy symptoms

Sugar allergy problem

Sugar allergy problem & diet – sugar allergy symptoms

Sugar allergy problem

Sugar allergy problem & diet :There is no similar glucose in its importance to human health, it is a fuel which distil energy and therefore determine our ability to control the delicate balance of the body level and our ability to unlock potential, level of physical and mental energies.

The brain consumes about a quarter of the energy derived from food, relying mainly on glucose, followed by liver and voluntary muscles, the rest is spread between the heart and immune system and other body organs.

And common in traditional medicine is to identify one pattern of imbalance balance of glucose is diabetes mellitus (or a shortcut), but now we can identify other stages this imbalance can predict many health problems and no diabetes is only the latest episode.

Two types of diabetes mellitus

We can simplify the diabetes mellitus as follows: rise blood sugar levels due to the inability of the cells of the body for the transfer of excess sugar from the blood into the cells and stored as energy source, glucose (the end product of digestion of starchy materials) spreads between cells of the body mainly through blood stream and therefore higher blood level does not mean only a deficiency in cells and the resulting mental and physical stress up to fainting.

We can also divide the disease to two main types according to the causes, the first that begins to emerge in children is called “diabetes type 1 or juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, usually at the beginning of adolescence, despite the steady increase in impressions in children less than 5 years.

This type begins when activating the immune system mistakenly to attack the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas without reason or clear bug.

The second type, called “type II diabetes or adult diabetes or non-insulin-dependent”, the main cause and even treat also is a style of food, sugar and dextrin.

There are also somewhat temporarily appear with pregnancy usually ends with.

Allergies to cow’s milk

Increased genetic susceptibility plays an important role in the sugar disease type 1 in children, but this is only one part of the picture.

There are other factors as found in reducing the chances of infection among children who were breastfed and breastfeeding partial at least 7 months or exclusively for 4 months.

Sugar allergy problem & diet - sugar allergy symptoms diabetes

Children who did not eat more or different products and bovine milk until the age of four months, at least have the same opportunity in reducing injury.

The highest incidence of this type of sugar show in Finland, where there are the highest consumption of gum products.

Various studies have also shown on experimental animals (mice) which were her to become vulnerable to diabetes, increasing chances of infection if her diet on milk or dairy products.

Percentage in one study to increase the chance of infection from 15% to 52% when you add 1% skim milk.

As it known Immunology Professor Dr. Hans Michel shower, in New York, one of the major factors in dairy products, known as “bovine serum albumin or BSA, which increases the chance of diabetes so that resemble cells of the pancreas, causing confusion in the interaction and stimulation of immune system against them together, introducing the following theory: If the preparer children to diabetes to address four months before completing the BSA (gut still gMature and viable ware greater permeability) will be immune to the BSA article interaction causing sensitivity and thus destroy pancreatic cells with corresponding installation.

In his attempts to prove his theory view a search result on the 142 children newly infected by sugar. Where 100% of them were found to have antibodies to the BSA article which they are allergic against them compared to only 2% of children are living with diabetes.

Therefore, he is convinced that the presence of these antibodies can predict sugar children in approximately 80-90% of cases.

With this evidence, it is called only on child nutrition in the first six months of breast-feeding, which reduces the incidence of diabetes in half.

As for BSA article the ability to cross from the mother’s diet of breast milk, it is advisable to avoid the nursing mother of all dairy cattle, which could destroy the chances of definitively in children exposed to them genetically.

And is 1-4% of children are genetically to diabetes, but it only shows in the presence of food or environmental stimuli.

Then of course there are other factors other than the BSA allergy may help the emergence of this disease.

Sugar: 90% of food

Growing average intake per capita in the United Kingdom equivalent sugar teaspoons a day in 1820 to about 38 teaspoons a day in 1980, this change in the nature of food overwhelms the capacity of the body to adapt by not tolerate.

Sugar allergy problem & diet - sugar allergy symptoms diabetes

It is surprising that only 10% of people with diabetes taking into account along with the steady increase in the consumption of carbohydrates general lack of dietary fiber, which helps slow the absorption of sugary food substances to the blood stream, other than the shortfall and deployed in many vitamins and minerals necessary for digestion and transport optimization of these starches.

M aavat sugar starts from blindness and renal failure, diseases of the circulatory system, heart and neurological disorders to constituting the third cause of death in Western countries, especially due to diseases of the heart and circulatory system.

Are you infected with sugar imbalance?

Sugar allergy problem & diet - sugar allergy symptoms diabetes

Encompassing supply evidence that supports the view that adult sugar is satisfactory, long-term process. Even before the symptoms of sugar, one may develop different imbalances in the blood sugar level is what begins to emerge as a resistance to insulin, causing ineffectiveness.When addressing food Nashwa, body secretes the hormone insulin to help move glucose from the blood stream into cells.

But according to Professor of medicine at Stanford University of California Dr. grald Kevin: “that insulin resistance is the common denominator of most patients with dysfunction of blood glucose or sugar alansolini and in about 25% of individuals suffering obesity and without disruption to the level of glucose in their blood”.

This means that the probability of catching you insulin resistance up to quarter so not full capacity to control your blood sugar level.

Symptoms are similar to general weakness and fatigue, dizziness, irritability and difficulty concentrating may be derived from it.

As this picture may be associated with obesity and its attendant eagerly sugary substances and stimulants such as sweets, chocolates, even coffee or tea and cigarettes.

And obesity result from an inability of the body to get rid of glucose out of the bloody power efficiently to be stored as fat.

A person who suffers from this problem needs to be more consideration for food to gain weight.

Contrary to what you might expect, the solvent energy stores body fat can not consumed but also feel fatigue and stress most time.

And insulin resistance, which termed it “syndrome x” effects on health where it helps cardiovascular, circulatory, high cholesterol, and various infections, gout, then sugar infection in adults, but the good news is that you can by controlling the level of glucose in your blood to reduce the risk of injury in each of these diseases and the causes of premature death in the Western world.

Tests x syndrome (insulin resistance)

Traditional tests remain for sugar and by measuring blood sugar after eating a certain amount of sugar or sweetened juices fell further behind the diagnosis just sugar, unable to diagnose AIDS, and therefore lose the advantage of early warning, which requires besides glucose measuring insulin in the blood compared with sync.

If insulin is high for normal and high levels of natural sugar after constant intake of sugars in two hours, insulin resistance, i.e. insulin does not engulf the optimal efficiency, which explains the survival of high sugar levels somewhat also explains the continued pancreatic secretion of insulin.

The most accurate test is to measure the hemoglobin constructor (no moutahed with farinaceous). Where this percentage if the level of glucose in your blood constant height because body cells to insulin resistance, due to the Union of glucose hemoglobin in red blood cells.

These tests should ease and convenience so you can non-specialist doctor described.

Sugar: the greatest poison

Despite being the most important nutrients at all, sugar high toxicity, is its ability to oxidize the oxidizing or destroy certain substances, especially proteins.

The secondary output of glucose known as AGE (the end product of glucose metabolism), is an English word which means, is exactly what this article is.

When excessive levels of glucose, destroy these materials AGE cells, increase the speed of her old age, and destroy these materials blood fats, limit the ability of the body to get rid of unwanted cholesterol, and also destroy collagen leaving skin loses its elasticity.

And while most of the cells to insulin working efficiency to best capture the glucose molecules, there are three types do not, and are eye and retina cells, renal cell and neuron.

And so, like the sugar in these latter cells become overcrowded with helpless to deal with it, which explains the usual sugar complications of blindness and kidney failure and neurological disorders.

We can reduce the risk of these complications to less than half its rate if control glucose levels in these patients.

The risks of excessive insulin

Insulin chemicals is highly effective, and do not need to be increased in the blood from your home, it stimulates the manufacture of stress hormones in the adrenal gland while limiting the manufacture of DHEA a hormone-resistant to the effects of stress.

Therefore the end result of excessive insulin is in has the ability to deal with the effects of different stimuli.

Also, the excess insulin also increases the manufacture of testosterone (male hormone) levels which disturbs the balance of sex hormones in the body and increases precipitation higher fat body and abdominal area.

Dynamic balance of factors of glucose

Insulin does not work alone, despite being the most important of these factors is manufactured but also helps its functions through many major mineral elements and vitamins.

The vitamin b 6 “Zink are indispensable for the function, and the presence of chromium element increases its effectiveness.


And chrome palaces, thereby increasing the burden of the dam to secrete more insulin.

It is present in low percentages of chromium in diabetic patients compared to Pala h, but improved poise sugar have if eating for chrome.

And the usual food only provides 30 mcgm a day of chromite, lose most in the event of processing (refining), 90% of this quantity are flour, rice and sugar.

Therefore, we must rely on an integrated healthy food to provide a sufficient quantity of this element, ranging from 50-200 mcgm a day.

But most of those infected with insulin resistance maybe due to excessive sugar and stimulants and tension consume element chrome faster than others and thus suffer from deficient blood.

This shortcoming is growing increasing age, as research has shown, Dr. Stephen Davies and his team at biomedical Labs unit in London, analysis of some 516,650 a sample of blood, sweat and hair taken from 40872 patients, clear and sustained relationship in the lack of chromium levels over a lifetime.

The elderly aged 75 years does not exceed half their parentage found in children aged 1-4 years.

This steady shortfall could be his precious food style spread globally and the minor reach required levels.

Eat 200 chrome mcgm a day effective impact on blood sugar levels and reduce the need for insulin and reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides it also raises beneficial high-density lipids.

Solve the problem of sensitivity of sugar

Identify the exact position in the path initiator of normal glucose control through insulin resistance, and ending with sugar, is one of the best ways to test and even improve your general health and functional proficiency.

And as most of the causes of these problems lies in food, change your diet is a point of departure towards prevention and control any imbalances in blood sugar, and that increase the efficiency of the control is consistent with an increased ability to maintain optimal energy levels, these recommendations are indispensable in your lives are.

• Avoid or reduce all stimulants and tranquilizers both like coffee, tea, chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol.

Therefore of the utmost importance for those who have signs of habituation, behavioural patterns reflect such material consumption addiction, such as systematic approach to a certain number of cups of tea or coffee on a daily basis.
• Reliance on total health food as possible. And we mean here eating rice, bread and wheat pasta with dark skin without refining, and other natural foods such as nuts, grains, lentils, legumes, beans, vegetables and fruit.
• Make sure that most of your food euphoria is no indicator of diabetes, low sugar is absorbed slowly, such as with apples, herbs, grains, legumes, beans, raw vegetables (without cooking).
• For those who suffer from the symptoms of imbalance of glucose, can maintain a constant level of glucose by eating low fat proteins in addition to carbohydrates, for example, some nuts with a piece of fruit or fish with rice or pasta.
• Ample intake of vitamin “c”, “b”, are essential for the perfect representation of energy (high amounts of vitamin “b” composite with 2000 mg of vitamin c per day).
• Intake of antioxidants (integrated formula of all antioxidants) to prevent cellular damage through by-product of glucose metabolism.
• Eat 200 chrome mcgm a day.
• Those suffering from the symptoms of imbalance of glucose level must take into account the intake of 90 mg of Coenzyme Q10, 100 mg of alliboik acid a day.

Sugar allergy problem & diet - sugar allergy symptoms diabetes

Sugar allergy problem & diet

Sugar allergy

sugar allergy