Keeping balance stress hormones and how they affect blood sugar level

can stress affect blood sugar levels

Keeping balance stress hormones and how they affect blood sugar level

Now you will know that what you eat or drink or smoke him a great influence on your emotions and your feelings. But how this stuff works exactly? In any way affect the hormones on mood? The answer is hormones. Influence of hormones on the main chemicals in your brain that you fully understand the life and the environment.

There are two main reasons of biochemical sense of people trapped in tension and addiction to steroids. The first reason is that it can raise low blood sugar level, and this temporarily improves energy level. The second reason she can urge release of adrenal hormones (spaceflights) that give you strength to continue the rest of the day. And a good understanding of how chemicals this helps too tensions ease.

Tune hormones

Hormones are chemical messengers is; materials secreted by special cells (endocrine clause such as: adrenal and thyroid), and pour into the bloodstream directly to carry instructions to members and the body’s cells. We have already identified a few. The insulin works to withdraw sugar from the blood into the cells. Glucagon raises blood sugar low call sugar reserves stored as glycogen and fat. Adrenaline works to increase blood sugar through glycogen catabolism. Either one of the cortisol adrenal hormones-induces liver manufactures glucose from protein.

There is another nearby suprarenal llkortisol hormone helps keep energy and resist tension, “Abby dehydro androsteron” DHEA.

Keeping balance stress hormones and how they affect blood sugar level diabetes

These hormones when you are in equilibrium, your energy is high and your mind is sharp, and becomes so-called tension just a problem amenable to solution. Before clarifying how these hormones, and how to make it in equilibrium, it is necessary to know how to respect each other chemically.

Insulin, glucagon and adrenaline proteins. This means that it is composed of a specific arrangement of amino acids from the protein in food. There are other nutrients are also involved in building chemical composition. For example, insulin needed zinc and vitamin b-6, while adrenaline needs vitamins c and B12.

Either cortisol and DHEA are two depend on fat and known as alasteroideh hormones. Two factories of cholesterol that the body was.These two hormones are very similar chemically, and have great influence on each other. Shows the amount of cortisol and DHEA produced by the person where they turn the tension. Sex hormones — estrogen and progesterone and testosterone-also made of cholesterol, and this explains why excess tension may lead to hassles related to hormones in both men and women.

How hormones affect your blood sugar level

Just like pieces in a chess game, each hormone can affect another in a specific manner, and here’s how it works:

If you eat a meal containing carbohydrates fast launch, it will increase your blood sugar level. The body responds to the hormone insulin is secreted, therefore shall facilitate the absorption of excess glucose in the blood into cells for use as fuel or as urgent. If your blood sugar level is high enough (perhaps because of apostasy for less than normal or may have been a while since I ate last time) the secreted glucagon which provide more glucose, by demolishing glycogen reserves short stored in liver and muscle.

If the blood sugar level dropped too much it also stimulates secretion of adrenal hormones (spaceflights) that receive this shortage of biofuels by declaring what looks like an emergency. These hormones have one mission in life and that is staying. When your are exposed to the threat of blowing these hormones to work. This happens when you injure yourself, or surgery or suffering shock, or miss a meal, or when your blood sugar level drops as a reaction to eating the wrong type of food.In such cases, the body releases adrenaline first, which continues its effect for only a short time (about an hour). Then start cortisol and DHEA in action.

These hormones have many influences, all geared to making sure you have fuel you can fight or escape. So when your blood sugar level drops significantly, adrenal hormones come to restore blood sugar levels to normal. And most of us are well aware of this dynamic and helps the process by stimulating the secretion of adrenalin when the blood sugar level drops, for example by drinking coffee.

The problem is that the excess energy released due to adrenal stimulation yield hefty price. The long term inhibit your immune system and slow repairs on your body, and also slow down metabolism. In other words say that engaging in “style experience stress” frequently or for long periods the price is the appearance of premature aging and weight gain and increased risk of osteoporosis and hemolytic diseases.

We cannot continue to do this forever. The body adapts to the beginning of tension and then in the end loses its ability to adapt and enters the stage of fatigue. At this point you can’t handle stress and look tired. And you know where you are from cycle is a key that tells you the best way.

Turn the tension

When human exposed to tension, it passes through three stages:

Phase 1: initial response

When exposed to stress (for example, when facing a deadline you can’t meet) is to stimulate the pituitary gland in the brain that secretes the hormone ACTH, which in turn alerts the adrenal cortex. As a result of this rising level of DHEA and cortisol in the body. And when their enough brain stops production of ACTH. Once the tension back level of cortisol and DHEA to normal.

Phase 2: adaptation

With constant tension body becomes tired and less sensitive to cortisol effect. This leads to the secretion of cortisol. Whereas DHEA cortisol can turn into so manufactured body this excess cortisol to DHEA account, thereby increasing the cortisol level while decreasing the level of DHEA. Since these adrenal hormones take more time to raise the blood sugar level to normal level so you feel fatigue and inability to save energy level constant.

Over time turns to maladaptation, cortisol level continues to rise, the level of DHEA decline, because the body is no longer able to produce enough of them. And chronic fatigue marks start to appear you are plagued by the symptoms of immunodeficiency (adrenal hormones inhibit your immune system). Under these circumstances, become more susceptible to infections and unable to prevent. During this stage you find yourself in full alert and interact strongly with tension and do not find it easy to revert to its natural condition, and become permanent situation of tension is didn.

Stage 3: fatigue

Eventually, your body cannot even be enough cortisol, lower level of cortisol and DHEA. You reach that disintegrate your connections even with the Ohn tensions, they become faster and more tense, irritable and have trouble focusing and you lose your energy and rise you depressed. And may complain of headaches and also become more prone to inflammatory diseases and degradability.

Tension and thyroid

To understand the full picture of stress hormones game we need to understand the role of the thyroid gland (thyroid) and suitability for this role. This gland found at the base of the throat, secretes hormones called thyroxine Thyroxine which extends its influence to all body cells, urging them to further accelerate metabolism and release energy.

During the second phase-the phase constant tension with a high level of cortisol-thyroxine level drops in your body. Because the adrenal hormone cortisol has a direct effect anti llthiroxin, is working to keep power by slowing metabolic processes in cases considered. As a result of this level of thyroxine in the blood drops and drops your score.

Thyroid function tests measure two things: FSH llderk TSH walthiroksin. TSH originates in the pituitary gland in the brain and stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete thyroxine. There are two llthiroksin, one called T4, is a natural hormone to turn into type 2 T3, the active hormone. And T3 level is important.

When the level of cortisol due to stress less than TSH, so less thyroid urged. Cortisol also inhibits the conversion of T4 to active T3 inactive.So is the low level of both TSH and T3 is another indicator of constant tension.

Test your stress

Keeping balance stress hormones and how they affect blood sugar level diabetes

You can precisely define your place in the cycle of tension measuring your levels of both these hormones. And the best way to do this would be to analyse the level of hormones at the saliva instead of blood. The reason for this is because once the hormones excreted mostly associated with proteins in the blood. Just keep a small amount of the hormone free are not linked and can deliver a message command. And the level of hormone freewheeling reflected in saliva than in blood.Show relative levels and the relationship between cortisol and DHEA in the cycle of tension. Nutrition experts are using a test called “adrenal stress guide test” to reach more effective systems to quickly re-establish balance stress hormones; that process usually takes four to eight weeks.

Also affects adrenaline directly on your pulse and blood pressure.When you’re lying not sidetracking of tension-in which case it must be when you promote your heart is usually low and also blood pressure.And lead to raising the level of adrenaline, so increase your pulse and blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high and there is no change in blood pressure when changing position from lying down to do or if your pulse increases with walking (more than 80 beats per minute), it is a rough guide on you tense. And feeling cold displays from impact damper for tension of the thyroid gland.

If you have knowledge of how to feel and stress-related symptoms, you can find out exactly where you stand with regard to the tension which is one of the most common causes of fatigue. The following table shows typical symptoms and test results for each stage of tension.

Stage 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Stage 3
No tension A natural tension

Natural response

Long-standing tension

Adaptation is weak

Chronic tension

Can’t adjustment

DHEA Natural High Low Low
Cortisol Natural High High Low
No tension Tense Strongly tense Can’t adjustment
Full power Good energy Always tired Chronic fatigue
Full focus Good focus Weak focus Rambling thoughts
Good mood Tense Anxiety and depression Depression
Sound sleep Sleep well Troubled sleep Always tired

Rebalance the tension

Of recommended actions that will help balance your response to stress: avoid caffeine, sugars, refined foods, increase intake of foods with low erosion diabetes plants with protein, and address as well as supplements of essential nutrients for energy. As to the exercise of the right kind of sport and get sufficient sleep periods would help also.

However, there is much you can do to speed up your recovery, and especially if you know where you are from cycle of tension. Go to any health food store or pharmacy and you will see a large selection of the so-called “natural remedies” which aims to increase energy and resist tension. There you’ll find herbs such as: walgwarana walavidra ginseng, licorice, and may also encounter adrenal extracts. There are many pharmacies sell sugar pills that contain the calculated quantity of caffeine. This, of course, what’s most sparkling beverages in addition to tea and coffee.

All these things raise cortisol, so should be avoided (except ginseng) If you are in the second phase of the cycle that are already high level of cortisol. And if level-any-more cortisol, it will speed up your progress to phase III; stage fatigue. However, if you are already tired, licorice may help you unless your cortisol level is very high. Choose licorice powder in capsules rather than eating candy licorice with a very high concentration of sugar. Licorice slows down cracking cortisol and thereby makes it last longer. Either the Siberian Ginseng it is OK under any circumstances. Although it raises cortisol, but it apparently works on adjustment events; it helps to adapt through consistently respond to tension. And if your level of DHEA is low as it appears in the test directory, adrenal stress, you should use DHEA supplementation to correct this imbalance, and then test to see if your levels have returned to normal. DHEA supplements are available in the United States and acted without a physician reminder that this is not the case in the United Kingdom. Preferably taken DHEA only under the supervision of a practitioner, supported by actual measurements of the case in light of your DHEA tests stress guide adrenal.

In short, the quickest way to restore balance to the stress hormones that:

• Examine the level of stress hormones.
• Dealing with licorice supplements Siberian walgnsng under the direction of qualified medical practitioner.
• Taking DHEA supplements if low level under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.
• Regardless of which stage you are from cycle of tension, you should avoid adrenal stimuli, and change your meal, take supplements, and exercise a kind of sport, take a break bumper sleep, change your lifestyle to reduce your stress level.

Keeping balance stress hormones and how they affect blood sugar level diabetes