Do you measure blood sugar regularly? Why is important?

measure blood sugar

Do you measure blood sugar regularly? Why is important?

measure blood sugar :To monitor and record your blood sugar readings is an important part of dealing with diabetes effectively, especially for people who are dependent on insulin.

However, many people find it difficult to make this task as a daily routine in their lives, if you are in this category, I know you are not alone, according to a survey by the American Diabetes Association, there are 21% of diabetic type 1 and 47% for type II diabetes is not ykision start your blood sugar.

As for the reasons and excuses made by these persons, as follows:

– Feeling bad toward self.
-Feel better.
– The useless and pointless, it cannot change the results.
– That little glucose patient illness, and is willing to forget or ignore.
– To check sugar becomes as controller in a person’s life, his boss tells him what to do and what not to.
-Glucose is an opportunity for friends and relatives to inconvenience the patient advice.
– Loss of patient trust in the doctor not its ability to change the results.
– Pain and discomfort during the test.
– The high cost of sugar test instruments.
-Preoccupation with life matters, and the inability to allocate time for examination.

If you slacken or being lazy or can’t measure blood sugar for any reason, it must review and be more realistic, if you do not measure blood sugar regularly, it will lead to your failure, you and your doctor to develop and fine-tune your care plan amendment for meals, activity level and amount of insulin. This leads us to the next question.

Do you measure blood sugar regularly? Why is important? diabetes

Why is measuring blood glucose is critical?

Diabetes deceptive cunning, most people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, they suffer for several previous years without their knowledge.

Could not adjust the sugar will lead to damage to various parts of the body, in the near term will cause Diabetic Ketoacidosis, either for the long term, it will the blood vessels that feed many members, so there will be damage to the heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves.

Tips to prevent diabetes complications

Good news on the topic is that you can avoid all the complications of this disease if you apply the following tips:

– Maintain blood sugar within recommended levels.
– Adherence to therapy (pills or injections) into specific doses.
– Increase physical activity: If an athlete, never five minutes a day, then gradually increase until you reach level 30 minutes.
-Maintain a healthy weight: loss of 5-7% of your weight will help you manage diabetes better.

Causes of high blood sugar in diabetics

If you are sick with diabetes, noted a rise in home scanning results, it should look for the reasons that led to it, the following are the main factors that may raise blood sugar:

-Illness or infection or infection: it is the hormones that are fighting disease may raise blood sugar, and the cold, urinary tract infection, heart attack.

– Tension or stress: whether positive tension, such as a wedding or holiday or negative as the death of the family member.
It is worth mentioning that stress may cause a drop in blood sugar in some rare cases.

– Not taking your sufficiency of insulin either injections or pills.

-Eating or drinking more than usual amounts of carbohydrates.

– Activity or sport less than usual.

-Injuries and surgeries.

– Pain especially if due to inflammation in the body.

– Any sudden change in your daily routine.

-Some medications used in treatments for some diseases, such as:
• Lung diseases such as asthma
• Rashes
• Estrogen pills
• Antidepressants psychosis and schizophrenia
• Aspirin
• Some types of antibiotics
• Diuretics to treat high blood pressure, fluid retention
• Cholesterol
• Hepatitis
• Thyroid disease, especially if the dosage is correct.

– Poor absorption of insulin in some places the skin.

– A technical problem in the pump, or insulin Pen or measurement.

-Insulin is corrupted due to expiration or subjected to high temperatures

-Cortisone injection: increase may appear within 72 hours.

Blood sugar levels for diabetics

To maintain your health, it is recommended that the sugar readings between the following levels:

– Before eating: 70-130
– After 1-2 hours eating: less than 180

 Do you measure blood sugar regularly? Why is important? diabetes

Symptoms of high blood sugar

First: early symptoms:

– Increased thirst
– Increase in frequency of urination
– Fatigue
-Blurred vision

II: symptoms:

The same smell fruits
– Nausea and/or vomiting
-Abdominal pain
– Breathe fast
– Weak
– Loss of consciousness

When should I see a doctor?

– If the diarrhea or vomit for more than 24 hours
– If the fever for more than 24 hours
– If you are sick and blood sugar readings were higher than 250 mg/dl for more than 24 hours.

How to get the right reading for blood sugar?

Check your blood sugar is very important for a diabetic patient, based on the results will take decisions regarding dosage and diet, and ensure you get the best read is correct, follow these tips:

• If you are at home, wash your hands with SOAP and water and then dry them thoroughly, and use the first drop of blood.

• It is not recommended to use alcohol swabs in the disinfection of hands, because if not completely dry, it may cause pain during stinging and may give a false reading, and repeated use leads to dry skin.

• If you are outdoors, and you can’t wash your hands with SOAP and water, use the second drop of blood, to the first drop is usually contaminated with external factors that may affect the test result by 10%.

• Do not squeeze your finger to extract blood for that strong pressure will give a false reading, weszhr results in less blood glucose.

• Keep clean the scan slides, avoid touching the IPL while out of their box, or during entry in your glucose.

• Do not use needle acupuncture more than 3 times.

Do you measure blood sugar regularly? Why is important? diabetes

Do you measure blood sugar regularly? Why is important?


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