diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose )

diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose )
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Diabetes: question and answer (part 1 blood glucose )

To you the first part of the useful questions about diabetes.

How to deal with diabetes with progressive age?

Diabetes may have a significant impact on your life regardless of your age, but some regulation and good conduct will deter you from living the life you’ve always wanted. And living with diabetes you must adopt a plan will prolong your life and makes them happier, and highlights of this plan are the following:

• Accept and follow the positive attitude.

– Get the right education to diagnose disease and after a few years.

Health food – more vegetables and fresh fruits.

Exercise daily.

-Reach an acceptable weight, even the loss of twenty weighing phrases.

Control of glucose levels in your home.

– Use of diabetes medications if needed.

-Dealing with health care specialists with expertise in the field of diabetes.

Learn how to deal with diabetes and become a master yourself, linear conditioning is compatible with your lifestyle and your needs is you.

diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose ) diabetes

I have never been a clever pupils in school. This personal obstacle to learn things about diabetes?

No, it is not necessary to be a supernatural intelligence to learn many things about diabetes. Here’s an example of a man named Kurt succumbed at age forty almost avoid pancreatectomy for pancreatic cancer, but this process has caused diabetes the insulin dependent.Add to this that Kurt was also troubled in mental development he lives alone under surveillance, its orthopaedists provide artificial limbs to concluded that a detailed treatment plan for diabetes would be greatly complicated plan so they sent him home with a plan easier. But unfortunately did not give him sufficient information plan, resulting in his suffering from disorders of the blood sugar.

Kurt realized that his only chance to maintain stable health comes through harmony care plan well with his lifestyle, by the challenge and learned a lot and now good HbA1c levels and rarely suffered a drop in blood sugar that is keen to lift them before they happen, either the physician it first considers characteristics.

Learning is not limited to smart, just realizing is that culture might help you in dealing with diabetes and then requires a willingness to learn, teachers, and support from your mentor. We must also learn that nothing is impossible in actual will.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is diagnosed when there are high levels of glucose in the blood, which is what happens in speeches the process of obtaining energy from the food we eat, this process is called metabolism. During metabolism dissociating food into glucose, then enters the bloodstream to the cells. Either insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and is the key that opens the door to the cell.

When insulin cannot do its work (type II diabetes), or when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin (type 1 diabetes) can’t get glucose cells. Follow eat-in fact you will feel hunger (while your cells are starving) – However, the glucose is following increase in your blood stream. And suffer from high levels of sugar each time all this will finally develop diabetes.

Some women become infected with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. And can people with type II diabetes blood sugar levels return to normal through weight loss and exercise. Thus they feel cured, but actually have diabetes they have under control, good control, prevent or even delay the onset of complications of diabetes as they make you feel comfortable all day.

What is the difference between diabetes type I and type II diabetes?

The common denominator between the two types is high blood sugar as the treatment is the same, patients with type 1 diabetes the body unable to insulin so they obtained through injection, and this type infects people at an early age and quickly. It also appears when the immune system destroys, mistakenly, the beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type, the body becomes resistant to insulin, which is produced by, and thus is forced to sort more than, with time this may overtax the pancreas and that it takes time to discover this type of diabetes is gradually appears. Patients often suffer this kind of weight increase worth mentioning that weight loss, and exercise are factors that improve blood glucose levels. Many people also turn to drugs diabetes to improve those levels, and over time requires about 40% of patients to inject insulin to control glucose levels in the blood, especially if these levels had been neglected for a long time.

In both cases, the regulation of diet and exercise is an important factor in diabetes care plan.

My doctor told me that I have diabetes, what does this mean?

This means that you are suffering from diabetes, the imminent redemption of “sugar” or “sugar” or any similar phrase mean you have diabetes so on mailk be more careful if exceeded the average blood glucose levels means you are living with diabetes. The problem is that when glucose is near the average rate still be within the circle of risk for health problems suffered by patients of diabetes such as heart disease, nerve injury, and stroke.

Unfortunately, many patients and doctors are treating cases of diabetes imminent serious cases, this could lead to serious problems in the future, if glucose levels near levels diabetes this requires consulting a physician interested in providing health care to follow the low ratio of glucose to near-normal rate. Also, a loss some weight – 10 or even 20 Bunda – you may generate large benefits on blood glucose. And sport is also a magical antidote everyone looking so feel free to start, immediate action now may avoid many complications in the future.

I got a 70 years old with diabetes. I want to know how many people my age suffering from this disease?

More than 16 million people in the United States of diabetes, and this number is constantly increasing. As the incidence of diabetes is nearly equal for women and men and this number is doubled after each decade of life. The following table shows that more than 30% of persons over sixty suffer diabetes or an abnormal rise in blood glucose, meaning they suffer increased rate surpasses the normal blood glucose, but this increase does not exceed the rate at which a person is afflicted with diabetes. Unfortunately, that only 10 million of these people were able to diagnose and treat disease, and of this number only 5 million receive care!


The proportion of people who suffer from diabetes and/or abnormal rise in
Ratio of glucose

20 to 39

From 40 to 49

From 50 to 59

60 and above




30% or more

Be aware that ethnic roots also had an impact on the incidence of diabetes. African-Americans and Hispanics more likely to twice risk of diabetes.

You are of course not the only one!

Do you suffer from long-term complications arising from diabetes?

No specific answer to this question, many of the complications of diabetes are the same as those experienced by the elderly as poor circulation, or blurry vision, but diabetes also has its own complications, such as diabetic retinopathy and kidney damage. Most sections have affected the body, long, high levels of blood sugar, overpopulation is not a healthy start and over time may cause hyperglycemia injury chemically and structurally sensitive tissue, especially the blood vessels and nerves.

And the best way of preventing complications is to keep blood sugar under control — at levels near normal. You can, even if you’re experiencing some complications, delays and sometimes reverse the damage through good control of blood glucose ratios, this is the strongest and most effective defense against complications, and visualize how your taking with diabetes better is an investment of time and energy brings you many benefits, and makes you feel better day by day, and keeps you healthier in the long run.

Is diabetes a synonym for short life?

No, not necessarily. Fifty years ago, it was thought that the patient type I diabetes may up, at most, the average age of either type II patients, close to the end, but many people have received the gold medal from Eli Lilly (Eli Lilly Company) celebrating 50 years of coexistence with diabetes taking concerns about life by future laugh them. Today, technology has evolved that helps control blood sugar and medicines as well as more effective treatments have become also our knowledge of this disease are wider than in the past.

The choice is yours, all progress made in the area of diabetes means nothing in the absence of a commitment to regulate your blood glucose properly. And if you don’t take care of your it will take upon itself the task in a way that would not like.

Be aware that many people living with diabetes for 40 or 50 or even 70 years, they committed themselves to take care of themselves.

To what extent are you committed to take care of yourself?

diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose ) diabetes

Do elderly persons have access to certain levels of blood sugar?

Yes, you do your part to specify for which aims to assist the doctor, with age you should maintain a higher goal to protect yourself from lack of blood sugar (alaiboghlisimia).

The following is a table of ratings targets for blood glucose. Given glucose monitors and tapes used by the results of plasma or whole blood results, it is very important to know which gives you your result.

The results of plasma is higher by 10 to 15% of the full blood, and results in the following amounts of plasma almilligram in all disilitr.

Amounts of plasma

No diabetes


Mandatory action

Before eating

After eating for an hour or two

During sleep

Less than 110

Less than 140

Less than 120


Less than 180

110 – 150

Less than 90 or more than 150

More than 180

Less than 110 or more than 180

What affects blood glucose levels?

Not for a constant level of glucose in the blood, rise or fall is normal, and is influenced by several factors including:

Eating: blood glucose rises after thirty minutes of eating, by type of food, but for the drops to normal after about three hours. They also eat large servings of foods have glucose raises more than you want, too much fat in the meal might slow down the process of high glucose for several hours.

– Physical activity: regular physical activity usually lowers glucose, what makes these exercises are an important part of your diabetes plan. Note If the percentage blood glucose more than 250 mg/dl for a period of time may lead to lifting more aerobics.

• Stress: sadness and emotion leads to high glucose, through the release of stress hormones. It also had anxiety and depression effect sample

– Disease: even a simple cold may cause a rise in blood glucose.

– In the work of the stomach: sometimes, not digest food and stomach stretch absorption process over several hours and thus lead to high and low glucose level when not expected.

Medications: some drugs may affect the blood glucose causing rise or fall more than anticipated, so consult your doctor or pharmacist when you get a new prescription.

People have recently risen on sugar in my blood, I can see the symptoms of high blood sugar?

Symptoms of diabetes are complex, but the symptoms of diabetes may be perfidious, type II may not cause symptoms for several years. And high blood sugar can cause many symptoms as delayed full cuts and scrapes, or bacterial infections, or khmaerih, or stressful, or a sense of erosion, or blurry vision and may also feel that you are tired and in a bad state and rejects of bed. All of these symptoms apply to persons suffering from type I or II diabetes, as they gradually appear so difficult to observe.

Will deteriorate the health of patients first, in case he forgot to take insulin injection or if he gets enough, within hours or days. It goes out of the body to burn fat for energy, which is supposedly taken from glucose, then the symptoms of thirst, excessive waltboil, weight loss, and may also cause high blood sugar significantly in type II patients to similar symptoms.

If you do not receive the treatment. Height: may cause greatly ar blood glucose problems.

Are you going to heart?

Become a diabetes at high risk for heart attack, infection so follow healthy habits that people injured by a heart attack, this may risk repeating.

Also, the factors that contribute to the development of diabetes as being overweight, lack of exercise, smoking, high blood pressure, disturbances in blood fat rate are all factors that pose the risk of a heart attack.

So you should know that you can control these factors (weight loss, stop smoking, etc …) and to mitigate the risks to your heart.

You may not be able to sense if chest pain angina or a heart attack because of the damage diabetes with nerve cells. So be careful and mindful of your blood pressure and your heart beats fast, especially during sports and know the symptoms of heart attack may be confined to fatigue or weakness in breathing or difficulty in digestion.

In all cases, consult your doctor about cardiac testing checkups fatigue or radial arteries image if discover any problem that can be addressed.

How many times to visit tagged diabetes?

Visit tagged diabetes to discover this malady to learn how to monitor blood glucose, and how to take insulin injections, and also learn what the signs of high or low blood glucose, mechanism and dates of eating pills, how to succeed in the modifications to your lifestyle (exercise and quitting smoking). Also, follow-up visits are visits is also important so you should not overlooked. And you in turn visit tagged diabetes when adjustments to your lifestyle or when facing problems in dealing with diabetes. If I started exercising every day and noticed a decline in blood glucose most time teacher can help you debug your food and medications to avoid this decrease or even can help you deal with other health problems or the problems of retirement. But you should know that even if all goes well the teacher can check out the latest developments in diabetes awareness make you more healthy.

Diabetes educators is the core members of the team treating diabetes, you can find one of them in your town or city more, mostly nurses or dietitians but any health care professional interested in this area subject to training courses are becoming familiar with as a licensed teacher in the field of diabetes.

How can I join a plan Enayati diabetes in a short time?

Here are some ideas for organizing yourself:

• Cobra on awareness and know how to behave and why, and what you can expect in return.

– Without a daily book lineage of blood glucose, without also the food you eat, exercise, psychological stress, and disease that afflicted him, and all other things that affect your blood glucose and make sure you also take this book with you to the doctor.

– Always on the caliber of glucose monitor and keep it ready and use it.

-Always put everything you need on diabetes in Brad or backpack.

– Always bring medical card indicates the severity of diabetes.

– Always keep a list of medications where books, date, be sure to take them with you to the doctor.

-Learn from your past experiences, how to control your blood sugar with the interaction activities, medications you are taking, and the psychological stress and other things such as pizza or sweets helps good therapeutic plan amendment is appropriate.

Since my retirement, I spent my time in travel. What can I do to make sure my control on diabetes and I’m away from home?

Be organized! Make sure you carry everything you need. In the case of travel, make sure you have your meds and your liabilities …. and additional food in the bag and carry twice as much needed medicines and supplies, either the other things that you should take with you are the following:

• A letter from your doctor or a health supervisor stating that you are living with diabetes, which determines what is your insulin or medicine, what prescription medications you, and emergency phone numbers.

– A medical identification bracelet worn all the time.

— Enough food for twenty-four hours.

– Copies of prescriptions medication if force during travel.

– Addresses and phone numbers of hospitals and pharmacies in the country you are visiting.

Know your daily change radically during your travels. If you are located in a country with a big difference in time with your mother try to organize your program and diet by timing your country not by the timing of the country you are visiting, I also know that you have been physically active than usual and may address different cuisine – which may expose you to the risk of low blood sugar.

How to eat healthily?

Ask your doctor to recommend a nutritionist certified puts you in a food plan that takes into account the likes and dislikes and culinary skills, try the following tips:

• All the more fresh vegetables (or frozen) and fruits daily.

– All the more green vegetables such as lettuce the spoonbill, the character (lack of water), and spinach every day.

-Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water during the day.

– Each one egg eggs food excellent.

– I use olive oil for cooking and add nuts to food, this food is a healthy fat.

-Stop eating processed foods (read the contents and know that hydrogenated oil is a kind of unhealthy fats).

-Try to eat 5 or 6 small meals during the day.

– Use herbs, spices, salt and fat allowance.

-Buy a cookbook.

– Quit smoking to improve their instincts smell and taste.

– Think about how you intend to divert energy that they contain foods that will be addressed and participated in the dance of life!

Why count carbohydrates that I eat?

The carbohydrates found in foods which raise blood glucose. And when calculating the amount of carbohydrates in the meal, you’ll learn how much you eat. Find carbohydrates in food: grains, beans, fruits, milk, sweets, carbohydrates quantities, you can see that they contain food through decals found on foods and through books “amounts of carbohydrates, but make sure that the amount of food you eat is itself located on the decals or in books. And to monitor the impact of carbohydrates on blood glucose, you calculate the quantity in your recording then check the percentage blood glucose after two hours and recorded also. And after a week or two you’ll see how some carbohydrates quantities will raise blood sugar, but if you try to eat the same amount of carbohydrates at the same time almost every day may be able to control more on diabetes.

Carbohydrates raise blood glucose, but exercise and diabetes medications lower, if you record physical activity, and if you want to eat carbohydrates quantities than usual, as is the case in the birthday party, for example, know that you’ll later walk slightly or adjust medications to reduce the rate of glucose. You can also take the insulin amendment but you should consult your doctor or diabetes teacher first.

I’ve heard for years that patients with diabetes population can’t eat sugar.Is this true?

Nope, this is not true. It has twenty years of research have shown that sugar is another type of carbohydrates, and chocolate cake or baked potato for the same effect on blood glucose.

The carbohydrates found in food are flying blood glucose. The carbohydrates, both found in grains, or beans, or fruit, or milk, or sweets, turn into glucose and energy for the body. And carbohydrates such as potatoes or breads raise blood glucose as glucose, is therefore focusing on sugar but focused on the overall quantity of carbohydrates present in the meal.

diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose ) diabetes

Is sugar “SAMA” because it provides the body with calories without vitamins or minerals, these prices are not good, so if you want to eat sugar naturally contain vitamins and minerals each fresh fruit! But if you want to sweeten it yourself after eating try two or three chocolate cake and you can replace the CARB with a piece of bread or a certain quantity of rice to add to your meal. You have a choice.

Why to eat more fiber?

Improved performance of fiber body, it improves digestion and protects you from constipation, found in whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables as foods which refers to there existing decals. So try eating 20-35 grams of fiber. Fiber types:

Non-soluble fiber found in cereals and bread. These fibers adhere to the fluid in the gastro-intestinal tract and this is very helpful to mix fibre and liquid foods paid more quickly. Non-soluble fiber promotes movement of bowel cleaner and yield you many health benefits they prevent hemorrhoids, walrtag, colon, and rectum.

Soluble fiber is found in beans, and peas, oats, and barley. This prevents the body from absorbing fiber, cholesterol and glucose but lower blood together you eat plenty of soluble fiber.

When the amount of carbohydrates and adek to discover more than five grams of fiber in the share erosion, subtract the number of grams of fiber from the total carbohydrate grams and thus the remaining number is the number of carbohydrates present in food. I know that carbohydrates found in fiber does not raise blood glucose.

Why to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day?

Water is an essential element for each process and system in the body.It keeps you healthy. When blood sugar rises, will be in danger of being lltgvav because your body then tries to get rid of excess glucose in the blood through urination and therefore you will need to replace lost fluids and has done will be sick.

So be sure to drink water during the day. Why not acquire Cuba to measure the amount of water contained in a bottle or glass of water your pet? You can start this step day decides to add water to your daily habits.

Are coffee, tea, caffeine, soda carbonate-containing drinks are diuretic and remove water from the body, so drinking plain water is the best way to get the fluids you need.

Why are fats present in the food bad?

Not fat source of all evil or harm in fact the FAT:

• Helps the body and brain to work

– The movement of essential vitamins (“A” and “D” and “E”)

• Make skin and hair appear healthy

– Reduce hunger

• Make the tastiest cuisine taste

The problem is that a lot of something useful might be impossible to damage and excessive intake of fat is generating many health problems, and it becomes more and more with age, these enormous quantities of fat in the bloodstream may accumulate inside the arteries and make them narrower. When you’re infected with diabetes accumulate these fats, with your age and situation become arteries narrower and thus also with shrinking leeway within them will suffer high blood pressure face a higher risk of infection, heart attack and stroke.

But by following a diet wise choose olive oil instead of butter or margarine (or even dark chocolate instead of white) and some processed food or fried food plan will be on track to reduce the risks to your health.

What are fats that should be contained in food systems?

You need daily to a little fat (only a little) because they contain a lot of calories. Each gram of fat has nine calories carries. And if you read decals found on the foods you see caloric intake on the calendar. Fats constitute about 30% of total calories you take in one day (if you eat 2,000 calories during the day, you can get 600 from FAT).

And fats present in the food is three types of saturated fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. And monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil and nuts the least damaging to health fats and polyunsaturated came in ranked Central where harm (found in canola oil, corn oil) those saturated in meat and dairy products are the most harmful.

If the proportion of fat in your blood is too high, you may need to deal with different amounts of fat, you may also need to as medicine. If you want to lose weight, be aware of the amount of fat you eat because they contain more calories than protein and carbohydrates. In various cases, consult a dietitian to help you prepare your food plan contains healthy amounts of fat types.

I’m confused about which type of fat that I can eat?

Find healthy fats in olives, olive oil, and canola oil. Also helps those in nuts, seeds, and avocados to protect your heart and improve your health. And there is nothing wrong with a little butter for better taste! But make sure to eat whole grains and legumes such as soy.

And you should know that the worst fats are trans fats, found in most processed foods, so take a look at the list of ingredients, you’ll find the kind of fat that partially hydrogenated oil. Processing liquid oils with hydrogen to become solid at room temperature, turning the liquid fat hydrogenation process (which is usually healthier steel) to saturated kalmergharin, which eliminates the health benefits. Contain fried foods in most restaurants the mutant fat so you should choose a baked potato fried allowance, if you wanted fries attended the House and then toss oil or attended in the oven fries with less oil.

Today, studies show that trans fats from your diet radically improves your health by reducing the risk of cancer or heart disease.

What do me any good aerobics?

The benefits of exercise are many, the GoC thus:

• Strong muscles

– More power

-Loss of one pound of weight with every 3500 calories burn

– Improve the ability to move and improve the range of movement of joints

– A better quality of life and greater independence

• Better mental condition and best self-portrait

• Better control of blood glucose

– Diminished risk of heart attack or stroke

– Improve cholesterol and fat

– Improve blood pressure

– Improve the runny blood (lower risk of inflammation of a vein)

• Improved appetite

• Greater enjoyment in sexual relationship

– Improve the ability to play with your

– Respect for your children you

Help exercises to maintain views of young and healthy, not frequency?

I no longer have that activity I was young, what exercises are best for me now?

The best exercises are those that exercised regularly. And aerobic exercises (which strengthens your breathing and circulation) are the best but any physical activity is a step in the right direction. There are three basic approaches to do calisthenics, all these approaches helpful to you:

• Lifestyle approach: Whoa instead of sitting. Used stair lift allowance.Lift weights daily groceries, water bottles, bags and flowers. I work in the garden. We and the movements of the softener.

– Competitive activity: not at your competition athletes allowance.Walking groups organized and participated in yoga. Lift weights, swim, ride a bike.

– Competitive sports include everything from golfing down to participate in the marathon.

March regularly exercise three or four times a week. Usually, stretching exercises, aerobics sessions on 20 or 60 minutes, but in the beginning you practice these exercises for five minutes only, that this was the first time. He also participated in yoga, lift weights once or twice a week and enter slowly into this new world, many benefits that yoga, for example, increase your softness, strength, and harmonize you, balance, and reduce physical and psychological pressure as it lowers blood glucose levels.

How to burn more calories?

Calories burned is linked directly to the weight loss with burn 3500 calories to lose one weighing, the following table shows the amount of calories you burned her person weighs 150 weighing over thirty minutes of exercise each of the activities listed in the table.

diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose ) diabetes

I will celebrate this year beyond the seventy-fifth, is it too late to exercise?

Of course, time will not miss the start of the exercise and the benefits you gain from regular sports will escort you always so now proceeded to walk or swim, or work in the garden, or doing something you love.Benefit according to every device in your body and will mitigate health risks. As you will not weaken and will not have to rely on others and will be the most beautiful gift you get on your birthday!

In this regard, recent studies have shown that exercise at the age of ninety strong build muscles as at the age of twenty, but that doesn’t mean you will win the games weightlifting – with that woman in the eighty-third have done so – but means that you can take advantage of powerful exercises no matter of age, weight lifting, even her lighter weight, strengthens muscles and bones which makes you strong and give you endurance. I know that muscle burns calories, even without movement, allowing for weight control and blood glucose levels.

Grumble if you want, but may exercise, because strong muscles improve your health and maintain your comfort and prolong your age.

How do I know I am in good health to start exercise?

Before you start the program you need to undergo a health assessment, especially if:

• Skip the age of 35

-You suffer from type 2 diabetes for more than ten years, or type I for over fifteen years

– You are experiencing kidney problems or eyes related to diabetes (diabetic retinopathy or College)

– I was experiencing weakness in the blood circulation in your legs

-You suffer neurological ailment prevented increased heart rate during sport

– You are experiencing a rise in blood pressure

-You smoke

Your doctor can help you figure out that you’re experiencing exceptional case limit your ability to exercise, you are experiencing problems with the eyes do not jump or harmed your body or lift heavy weights if you lose sensation in your feet be careful not to hurt them and you may be swimming better than walking in this case. In all cases, it is important to test your ability to withstand exercise if you suffer with heart disease.

I know that the sport will improve your ability to control diabetes, blood pressure, and blood circulation as well.

I am taking insulin, you need to follow certain precautionary measures during sports?

You control blood sugar during exercise for several hours afterwards in case you take insulin or alsolfoniloriias walmighlaitinids (brandan). And if these unusual exercises, or powerful, or you may need to check your blood sugar during and after. Make sure to keep small meals to eat and know it:

• Eat 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrates if glucose levels fell to less than 100 mg/dl.

– Keep always with food rich in carbohydrates at your fingertips, and you can carry glucose gel or tablets or crackers with peanut butter or a vial filled with fruit juice.

– The amendment to treat diabetes if surprised by the low proportion of abnormal blood glucose during the night or the next day.

– Avoid exercise if the high level of blood glucose more than 240 mg/dl and in the presence of the ketone in urine, or if blood glucose rose more than 300 mg/dl without the presence of the ketone in urine. In such cases, we may raise blood glucose aerobics.

I have 20 years of type II diabetes, and want to start exercising, what to know first?

Start with light exercise such as walking or yoga or “Tai Chi”, follow these steps:

• Ham bones, joints, and muscles for five or ten minutes through swing your hands or walk before doing any physical activity.

-Elastic body gently for five or ten minutes after the warm-up exercises and you that elasticity cold muscles or leap suddenly and forcefully.

-Try cooling your body for five or ten minutes slow movements and calming exercises such as yoga took place after the win.

– You have to move fast enough to make your heart and your lungs are working.

– Protect your feet and wear comfortable shoes for walking or jogging and outsole wear stockings made of cotton to keep your feet dry.

– Inspect your feet always to preserve them from pimples or small wounds.

-Drink water before and during exercise, and after.

– Lift some light weights until her lighter weight helps you strengthen your muscles. Muscle burns calories even while lying down! But you carry weights while walking because it hurt the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints. Don’t assume never overloading the ankle while walking, this mischievous lot.

– Develop your knees a lot.

I have inflammation in the joints and the nervous ailment in my feet and legs how can I play sports?

Will overcome the obstacles. Swimming is a sport beneficial and harmless but you must follow the weightlifting exercises to protect your bones. You can also practice yoga or “Tai Chi” (Tai Chi) as not harmful impact on the body. You can lift weights and yoga practice whilst sitting in a Chair or on the ground. Here are some useful tips:

Move the long sashes at the top, bottom, and around you and listen to music at the same time to speed up the movement of your arms, your shoulders, your heart.

Type the letters with your finger in the air.

If you want to know more of similar exercises you will find books and programs registered to persons who exercise and are sitting. Yes, if you are looking for a way to achieve your goal, of course, you’ll find they don’t give up.

If you are experiencing other complications such as retinopathy or high blood pressure you should lift weights or large bow down and make your head down.

After aerobics, massage your knees with peanut or olive. Also, the arnica oil (found in Latvian cuisine) is helpful for muscle and bone pain, and also make sure you are getting the calcium and magnesium in your diet or caffeine pills and inspect your feet every time the exercise to make sure you don’t see any wounds or scratches.

What is ideal weight realistic after age 40 and above?

It is difficult to answer this question because the structure of the objects vary greatly from one person to another and are affected by the quality of your body often genes inherited from your grandparents, if the quality of your body will be huge and you weigh more or less than others by your height, this does not mean that you suffer or lack of weight. No one resembles the other on Earth.

Not only are fashion models or movie stars, the average length of the women in the United States is 5′ 4″ and the average weight is weighing 152 and the best way to an estimated ideal weight is remembering your weight at the age of ten or twenty and add 20 weighing him for the remaining years. But of course, this method is not accurate because your weight on the 19th was not perhaps perfect (especially nowadays with high rate of obesity among young people) and 20 weighing additional weight may be too large for the body structure.

To be more precise on the ideal weight, consult your doctor and know the loss 20 weighing radically improve blood glucose numbers.

Does diabetes effect on osteoporosis in women and men?

diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose ) diabetes

That patients with diabetes are more susceptible to osteoporosis, so know that an ounce of prevention is better than cure. That osteoporosis is a loss of bone mass weakens bones and break later.

The reasons that lead to osteoporosis are the following:

• Do not exercise enough to lift weights.

-Not eating calcium (1000-1500 mg) and vitamin D “(800 IU) daily.

– Declining estrogen or testosterone in later life.

– Excessive thyroid activity.

– The use of certain drugs such as steroids.

– Smoking

– Alcohol.

You can undergo medical tests to measure bone mass and see if you are experiencing bone fragility and thus can add more calcium. I also know that weightlifting and walking is beneficial to bones as to treat estrogen helps strengthen the bones of women while treating testosterone helps strengthen the bones of men.

diabetes questions and answers (part 1 blood glucose ) diabetes