Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels

how to control blood sugar levels

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels :Control then take control. Recall that Word over and over again and for good reason. If you suffer from diabetes, control your blood sugar level (glucose) the most important thing could be done for the best case and prevent long-term complications.

But how to reach control?

It can be said that the pillars of control diabetes are:
• Monitor your blood sugar.
• Eat a healthy diet.
● Maintaining activity.
• Maintain a healthy weight.
• Use of medications, if necessary.

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

We will focus on this topic on behavior first among the five listed above.Indeed, blood glucose monitoring is essential for controlling your blood sugar means that your knowledge of the situation. Surveillance is the only way to know whether you achieved your objectives. As one living with diabetes: “no news is not good for patients are diabetes whenever knew more about our situation, our situation has improved.”

If you just diabetes or have changed your treatment, surveillance can seem difficult at first. You may feel angry or nervousness or fear of suffering from diabetes. And you may worry about testing – and afraid to spend it on your life, or be painful or disabling. But these feelings are normal. When you learn how to measure your blood sugar level and understand how it can help you regular tests, you will feel more comfortable during this process and the control over the disease.

Know your goals

Want to keep your blood sugar within a desired range – is not high or cut significantly. This range is often referred to as the desired domain or target your blood sugar level. Indeed, the normal range for blood glucose before eating is 70 to 110 mg of glucose in every ten liters of blood. This is the level of duty to keep the sugar level has initially. But this level is unrealistic for most people with diabetes. It may be your focus instead on range nearby.

Your doctor can help you determine your blood sugar goals. As the blood sugar rises naturally after a meal, your goal after meals is different than before. Also, your goal before going to sleep may be different than during the day. And while determining your goals, your doctor takes several factors into account, including your age, if you are experiencing any complications or other medical conditions associated with diabetes, and the extent of your knowledge when your blood sugar is low. They identify symptoms of hypoglycaemia is important because if your blood sugar too much, you may lose consciousness or suffer from a seizure, this is serious.

Among young people who do not suffer from complications of diabetes and can easily identify the symptoms of hypoglycaemia, approximately the desired model range between 80 and 120 mg per 10 liters. But this test is often range between 70 and 120 mg per 10 liters. After an hour and a half or two hours to eat – when blood sugar levels are often higher – your goal is reflected in keeping your blood sugar lower than 180 mg per 10 liters.
For older adults who suffer from complications of their disease or people who have trouble identifying symptoms of low blood sugar, the objectives are often higher. Your goal before meals may be 100 to 140 mg per 10 liters, is after meals less than 200 mg per 10 liters.

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

When the test?

Associated frequency you need to test your blood sugar at any time of day, type of diabetes you have, your treatment program.

If you take insulin, you should test your blood sugar frequently, i.e. at least twice every day or even three or four times a day. And some people measure their blood sugar five or six times a day.
Performing the test usually before meals and when you go to bed – in other words, while he spends 4 hours or more not taking food.Preferred test your blood sugar immediately before receiving the injection of insulin. In some circumstances, you might want to test sugar levels after a meal too.

There are many people who use insulin rapid influence and verifying their blood sugar after an hour and a half or two hours to eat to see if a insulin works as it should and keep their blood sugar within target.
As the change in the regular routine might be another reason to test your blood sugar, especially if you are suffering from type 1 diabetes.This change may involve exercising more than usual, or eating less than usual, or travel. There are some special situations, such as pregnancy and disease, requiring more frequent testing.

For people with type 2 diabetes who are not using insulin, the frequency of testing is more versatile. Already, you must test your blood sugar as often as necessary to keep it under control. That means for some people with mean daily tests for other testing twice a week. Overall, we can say that people who are able to control their blood sugar by food and exercise, without the use of medicines, only need to test their blood sugar with great frequency.

Can your doctor or your mentor in diabetes help you determine appropriate surveillance schedule for you.

The tools you need for testing

To test your blood sugar is a quick and easy process usually takes less than two minutes. Here’s what you need:

  • Scalpel: Nipper is a small needle puncture the skin on your finger to drag a drop of blood. Scalpels are fitted with springs less painful.
  • Test strips: test strips are chemically processed bars put them extracted blood from your finger. Indeed, most blood glucose monitors sold today force you to enter the tape monitor first before you draw blood from your finger. In older models, are forcing the tape machine after placing the blood on it.
  • Blood glucose monitor: your blood sugar test, also known as blood glucose meter is a small factor PC measuring your blood sugar level and displays it on the small screen.
Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

Achievement test

Before your piercing, wash your hands thoroughly with SOAP and warm water. Dry them well.
Do not use alcohol to clean your finger because alcohol may modify the test results.
Remove the test strip canister and prepared the cover immediately to prevent damage to the rest of the tapes.
Use forceps to hurt by your finger, and not blink, so no patches ulcerated in part that you are using too much of your finger. (With your fingertips on the major parties).
When some drops of blood, put the drop to test strip and wait for results. It is assumed that your blood sugar level meter displays on the screen within a few seconds.

Get a good read

Blood glucose monitoring devices are usually. The fact is that human error, not the broken machine, is leading to an inaccurate result. So, to ensure accurate results, follow each of the steps carefully and cautiously.

Problems that could lead to an inaccurate result include:
• The lack of a sufficient amount of blood to the test strip.
● Add more blood to the test strip after placing the first drop.
• The presence of alcohol or dirt or other materials on your finger.
● Test bars damaged or expired.
● The scale is disabled.
● Scale dirt, especially the test window.
● Scale does not match with the room temperature.
● The scale is not encoded for test strips.

There is an easy way to check the setting and skill test, namely bring the scale with you when you go to the doctor. So, the doctor or nurse or Counsellor diabetes check blood is pleased at the same time at which the withdrawal of blood for laboratory analysis. This way, you can compare the result obtained with lab results. Should not be setting different results by more than 15 percent.

Choose the correct control device

Blood glucose monitors are available in several forms with a variety of features. How to recognize if the device is right for you? The doctor may recommend or adviser with diabetes or monitor helps you to choose one. Also, remember that some programs where participants are forced to use a particular control.

But when choosing a monitor, consider the following factors:


Some insurance programs cover the cost of the blood glucose monitor, test strips. But some programs determine the total allowable test strips.Approximately price surveillance between 30 and 150 dollars and possibly more. And may differ from the price control himself until $ 50 between the m other. So, look carefully before purchase.

In fact, the most expensive part is the test strips in the monitoring process. The cost per enclosure containing 50 tapes typically ranged between 30 and 40 dollars. Either cut straps individually is more expensive than the cost normally, but you may not use all the bars located in the can before the expiration date, or within 90 days of opening the box. So, select the type of tape you better in terms of cost.

Ease of use and maintenance

There are some monitoring devices that are easier to use than other devices. You can download the control and comfort? Can you see the numbers easily on the screen? How easy is it to put blood on the tapes? Learn how to monitor calibration, i.e. how to adjust for test strips you are using. What is necessary to restore the calibration frequency control? What is the water necessary to change batteries?

Special benefits

Many have been designed monitoring equipment to meet specific needs. There are some larger devices, equipped with easy-to-read more tapes of her pregnancy. There are some bars that pulls blood from the fingertip allowance forced to put a drop of blood. Also available for kids color monitors provide the result more quickly. Those who suffer from vision problems can obtain large-screen monitor or even monitor spokesman.

Take into account how to save your information and control. There are some devices that can track all of the information usually within a device, such as time and date, and test result and changes with time.You can pull the information into a computer to draw a flowchart of how to adjust your diabetes.

Record your findings

The control process not only give you an immediate measure your blood sugar but also help you assess your progress in controlling diabetes. So whenever performed a test for blood, record your results.The information which you help you find out how food, physical activity, medication and other factors in your blood sugar. With the emergence of styles, start with understanding how to influence your daily activities in your blood sugar. And makes it better to adjust the diabetes day to day, or even hour by hour.

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

But your life does not remain the same from one day to another. On some days, dispute us more or eat less. You may be sick or having a problem at home or work. These changes affect your blood sugar. So, when you keep an accurate record of daily events and your blood sugar levels, will recognize problems and become more complete control.

With the information gained, you can anticipate problems before they occur. Already, you can design in advance to changes, which routine they know will affect your blood sugar, such as traveling or eating out or work extra hours.
Likely gives you diabetes consultant or your doctor a notebook to record your test results. Otherwise, you can use any kind of books.You can also keep your results on your computer. There are many programs available to record and track blood glucose levels.

Whenever I checked your blood sugar level, without the following:
● Date and time.
● Test result.
• The type and dose of medication.

You may also want to include other information can help you to interpret the change in blood sugar level:
• A change in your diet, such as BDSM, dinner or eating in a restaurant or eating more than usual.
• Change in your or your activity level.
• Irritation or unusual pressure.
● Disease.
• Interaction with insulin.

Bring your record with you when you come to visit your doctor or diabetes adviser or dietician. It may help you to interpret the results.Based on the information you keep, your doctor can help you make adjustments in your medication and living style. Whenever your records are complete, the more useful.

Magic numbers

When testing your blood sugar results recorded frequently, you can easily fall into the trap of numbers. The correct numbers means success, false failure numbers itself. So, you may find yourself in the end annoyed or confused, or angry, or frustrated, or discouraging determination because your blood sugar results. Already, you can easily provision yourself based on your numbers. Good figures mean people well, with bad numbers mean bad person.

You can easily learn to obsessed with testing and results. If you tend to yourself to perfection or obsessions, likely much enthusiastic about the numbers and records related to control your blood sugar.
But something magical in these numbers. It does not control you as a person. It’s a tool to help you track the effectiveness of your treatment programme. Your results can determine whether you need to make changes in your treatment. But however committed to your treatment programme or tried hard, your blood sugar results will not be perfect.Sometimes, the “bad” results without a clear reason.

Factors that affect blood sugar

Vary the amount of sugar found in the blood. For this reason, many factors affect how your body of food to taied sugar and how to use this sugar. Self-monitoring helps you to know what makes your blood sugar level rises and falls so you can make changes in your treatment. It can also help you to understand why your blood sugar level difference between the day and the hour.


Lead food to raise your blood sugar level. After an hour or two to eat a meal, your blood sugar level is at its highest level, and then begins to decline. Indeed, what you eat, how much you eat, ever eat is one of the factors that affect your blood sugar.

Try to maintain consistency from one day to another in terms of the date of the taking of food and the amount of food you eat. When you control when and how much you eat, you control the times when your blood sugar at the highest levels, and after meals. As also controls how high your blood sugar. If I ate too much, your blood sugar is higher than normal. Either a little food, leading to lower blood sugar than usual. If you take insulin, you may expose you to risk of hypoglycaemia.

It must also be aware that different foods affect differently on your blood sugar. Food is composed of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. And all of the blood sugar, but carbohydrate reveal effect. Striking that within the Group of carbohydrates themselves, reveal different types for different effects on blood sugar.


Sugar caused you are saved in the form named glycogen synthesis. It also produces new sugar caused you other materials, such as protein and fat. When your blood sugar level drops, dismantling and glycogen synthesis by caused you on your course. This usually occurs when the not eating. Indeed, this ongoing process to save sugar and lead to natural fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Exercise and activity

Perform exercises and physical activity usually reduce your blood sugar. With the help of insulin, stimulates your blood sugar transfer seen engaging to your cells, where the sugar used for energy. The more I practiced more exercise, increased use of sugar and accelerated transfer to cells, thus reducing the amount of sugar in your blood. It also reduces insulin resistance exercises, making your cells receptive to insulin.

Exercise can lower your blood sugar level for several hours, and sometimes excessively. Some people find that cumbersome activity lowers blood sugar for a day or two. For this reason, you should always prepare for the interaction of hypoglycemia during and after exercise.

Although it is uncommon in General, leading sometimes to exercise adverse impact — they raise your blood sugar. This usually occurs if your blood sugar is too high already – initially over 300 mg per 10 liters.When blood sugar is this height, push your body exercises to release or additional sugar production, without enough insulin for use. If you take insulin, you may cause an increase in blood sugar if the insulin level is too low while embarked in strenuous exercise. And to know how your body responds to exercise, you must test your blood sugar before and after exercise, and then several hours later.

As physical activity, such as housework or gardening or stand on your feet all day, affects your blood sugar. All in all, whenever you’re more active, the level of sugar in your blood. As is the case of exercise, physical activity stimulates spending energy. Therefore, you must monitor your blood sugar levels and make adjustments in your correspondence with your activity level, especially if they deviated from the normal routine.


Leading insulin and oral diabetes medications to lower your blood sugar level. Indeed, the time during which the drug deal and the amount of medicine you eat affect your blood sugar level reduction amount. If your blood sugar is reduced too much, or not enough, your doctor may need to make adjustments in your doses.

Also, medications for other problems that may affect your blood sugar.So, while described as you new drug for a specific health problem, be sure to inform your doctor suffering from diabetes and asked whether the medicine is able to adjust the level of sugar in your blood.

You might also have to deal with drugs that affect your blood sugar because of its benefits in the treatment of a health problem. But when you realize the effects of these medications and follow simple warnings, such as increased blood glucose monitoring, you can prevent the medicines from the radical changes in your blood sugar levels. If the drug makes it harder to control your blood sugar, contact your doctor.


That physical pressure caused by colds or the flu or another illness, particularly bacterial pneumonia, pushes your body to produce hormones Zaid your blood sugar level. Also, the anterior or significant disease, such as heart attack, also increases the mass Wii your blood sugar. The extra glucose helps to stimulate healing. But when you are living with diabetes, extra sugar can be a real problem. So, when you are sick, you should monitor your blood glucose frequently.


Alcohol has a serious impact on users as it prevents the liver from the launch of sugar, and may increase the risk of low blood sugar level. It displays her takens to hypoglycaemia, particularly if they are taking insulin or oral diabetes medications.
Sometimes alcohol may lead to the opposite effect — it raises your blood sugar level. This increase was due to the large number of calories present in alcohol.

While ominous test results of a problem

Pay attention to blood glucose results that are always higher or lower.This may indicate the need to modify your meds. And if you don’t deal with drugs, improve your diet and exercising more of exercise are not enough to control your blood sugar. And the results are always high or low blood sugar may threaten the existence of double for diabetes.

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

However, high or low blood sugar sometimes rare – especially if you can learn to reason – no reason to sound the alarm. Either high or low results, and unjustifiably, for blood sugar, inevitably need medical attention.

Contact your doctor if:
● Your blood sugar was always higher than 300 mg per 10 liters.
• The results of your blood sugar higher or lower of your goals.
• If your blood sugar is higher than 250 mg every 10 litres for more than 24 hours.
● Suffer from low levels and frequent blood sugar.

New techniques

May not be use Nipper several times during the day is a good idea. This is annoying and painful. For this reason, many people do not experience their blood sugar to the desired frequency. But the scalpels and blood glucose monitoring devices evolve always fortunately. Now available on the market devices faster and less aggressive or are still under development.

Specialized organs of the microtome

You can adjust some scalpels of deep incisions, with the goal of compatibility with different variations in the thickness of the skin.
You can also buy needle-free argon laser beam is used to split the skin on your finger. But this product costs about $ 1,000 and causing some discomfort.

Covering developments in surveillance:

Microtome and monitor simultaneously
It’s a common device uses a drop of blood from the arm or thigh. And because there are fewer parties in these areas, it is assumed that have wound less painful. This device also requires the least amount of blood.Price control and place on the one around $ 60.

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

Monitor shaped wrist watch
This device is placed around the wrist just like at. It detects blood glucose levels through the skin. The results are taken every 20 minutes using low-level electrical current to extract liquid under the skin and drag it to the wildest feeling in the back of the clock. Sound an alarm if your blood sugar level rises very much or very much reduced.However, there is a need for finger prick tests at a rate at least once every 12 hours for monitor calibration. The approximate cost of this device is about $ 300.

A patch on the arm
Where a patch on your arm for a few minutes. This pulls the glucose from fluid in skin and show the results on the scale.

Monitor will pass under the skin
This system involves instilling your feeling under the skin in the chest or abdomen. Charge sensor measuring glucose level, transfer the information to a small electronic device placed outside the body.

Infrared rays of light
There are also other technologies use infrared light beams to determine the level of sugar in your blood. Shines light through tissue containing blood vessels, such as small lobe or fingertip, and derived data based on blood sugar concentration in the tissue.

Why skips some patients blood sugar testing?

Despite the benefits of testing, there are many people living with diabetes who do not test their blood sugar as frequently requested — or even not experimenting. There are several reasons behind this:

There are many companies that provide supplies, diabetes supplies low-cost or even free. In addition, several companies drugs diabetes programs to help patients. If cost is a problem for you, talk to your doctor or diabetes Counsellor. You may know a program locally or nationally can alleviate your expenses.

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

Limited access to good care
There are many villages and cities and States offering tailor-made services to those facing the problem of access to health care. If access to a health centre problem for you, you can review the Ministry of health see health care services available.

Lack of information and misconceptions
There are some people who simply are not aware of the benefits of blood sugar control and think they can’t do anything to improve their disease. But culture is one of the best weapons to control diabetes. So, I know as much as possible about your illness.

If you fear the discomfort caused by pricking your finger, remember that new scalpels less painful. Also, you should not fear to check your blood sugar before the Commons. With the increasing number of people living with diabetes, blood glucose monitoring has become more receptive.Millions of people do it every day.

Lifestyle issues
He found many people living with diabetes in several ways to integrate daily routine observation, despite overcrowded timetables or non-traditional. Can your doctor or diabetes Counsellor help you integrate SOLVIT in the schedule.

Privacy issues
For quick testing and monitoring devices. If privacy is important to you, it is assumed that the tv h find a place, such as the bathroom, to complete the tests.

Questions and answers

Can I test glucose in PVA? Do this test still in use?

In the past, sugar in the urine test is the only way the process that allows for people with diabetes control their blood sugar. But urine glucose tests aren’t as accurate as blood glucose tests. It provides a preliminary assessment of your blood sugar can not detect lower levels of 180 mg per 10 liters. Therefore, urine glucose test is recommended only if the blood test possible option.

Recommend one type of urine test for people living with diabetes, and is testing the urine ketone. Ketones are acids composed while dismantling your body fat for energy due to the insufficient amount of insulin. While ketones accumulate in the blood, can spread in Polk – and this guide to diabetes have became out of control.

Does the pressure in the blood sugar?

Pressure can affect the blood sugar in two ways. When subjected to too much pressure, you can easily abandon the usual routine. Thus, dispute us may exercise less and less of the healthy foods and not testing your blood sugar as frequently before. As a result, the pressure to raise your blood sugar level indirectly.

Sometimes the pressure can affect your blood sugar level. The physical and mental pressure may prompt your body to produce hormones that prevent insulin from working properly, which raises blood sugar levels. This is especially common when people with type 2 diabetes. The impact of stress in people with type 1 diabetes is more than confusing. Already, diminished blood sugar sometimes when subjected to pressure.

To learn how to interact with the press, a record level of pressure on a scale between 1 and 10 more you recorded your blood sugar level.Nearly two weeks later, he noted the existing style. Is accompanied by high levels of blood sugar levels with high pressure with low sugar levels are associated with low pressure? If so, you could say that pressure affects your blood sugar level.

Can affect the temperature in the sugar level in blood?

Heat does not reveal a direct impact on your blood sugar, but may lead you to change your rotnik. On warm days, for example, may eat less than usual or strain yourself more. These changes can reduce your blood sugar. Therefore, when changing your daily routine, test your blood sugar level more frequently.

Sunburn can also affect glycemic control. Severe sunburn, pressure on the body. As is the case with other types of pressure, can raise the level of sugar in the blood. Use a protective mask of the Sun and used the sunglasses and Don your hat when you are out in the Sun.

What is the difference between the levels of blood glucose and serum glucose levels full of blood?

Using home blood glucose monitors blood to measure blood sugar.Equipment used in laboratories, using only part of blood serum.Already, the eradication of red blood cells by measuring glucose.Because of this difference, the laboratory results and home surveillance devices are exactly the same.

Serum tests results are up 10 to 15 percent more of a complete blood test results, and tend to be more accurate. Despite the use of whole blood for testing, calibration devices are many home monitoring to give serum test result.

No need to worry about the difference between the two as long as calibration test strips to comply completely with your monitor. The results of monitoring domestic minutes if teams 15 percent with lab results.

Do I need to modify a routine surveillance while I travel?

You can still travel and see the world if you suffer from diabetes. But it just needs a little extra design. When traveling, carry double the quantity of medicines and supplies that you think you need.

Blood sugar control: how to control blood sugar levels diabetes

As the pressure and time differences, changes in your table and you eat affect your blood glucose level, it is best to test your blood glucose more frequently than usual. If you’re flying in a plane, especially for a long time, test your blood sugar level immediately after landing. Travel in the aircraft may make you tired or tiring, making it more difficult for emphasis if your blood sugar level too low or too high.