fruits that fight cholesterol

fruits that fight cholesterol

fruits that fight cholesterol :

fruits that fight cholesterol (The fruits in favor against the cholesterol ): cholesterol is a substance which, although essential to the good functioning of the body, may prove detrimental if it is present in too large quantities.


fruits that fight cholesterol cholesterol

In effect, when its rate in the blood increases, it could oxidize, to accumulate, and to train the plates likely to clog the arteries. However, we know that, in the case of cholesterol, the fruits are to be preferred and that there are food anti-cholesterol.

Food and cholesterol when we are trying to reduce its rate of cholesterol, it does not mean that we should completely eliminate the fatty foods of the power supply. It must be especially careful not to consume too much of saturated fats and to ensure a focus on unsaturated fats that are found especially in the oils (sunflower, olive, rapeseed, nuts, corn, soybeans etc. ),fight cholesterol: the fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel etc. ) and the oilseeds.

In addition, some vegetables are excellent against the cholesterol: beans (rich in fiber), the onion and garlic, corn, carrots, etc. Similarly, whole grains (whole wheat, rye etc. ) lowers the level of cholesterol.

fruits that help fight cholesterol :

The fruits are also food anti-cholesterol to favor(fight cholesterol). In fact, in addition to the fact that they satiate, they contain antioxidants, which will reduce the oxidation of cholesterol.

In this perspective, the most interesting are apples, pears and bananas. In addition, the dried fruits are also cholesterol, in particular figs, dates, prunes and dried apricots which are all rich in fiber.


fruits that fight cholesterol cholesterol