cholesterol-HDL “Good Cholesterol”

Cholesterol - HDL Good Cholesterol

Cholesterol – HDL Good Cholesterol :

cholesterol-HDL :There are several forms or fractions of cholesterol in the tissues and in the blood.Although product in the body, cholesterol is editable by external factors (diet, physical activity, tobacco etc. ). The cholesterol HDL is also known as “good cholesterol” because its increase is regarded as a protective factor for cardiovascular risk.

cholesterol-HDL "Good Cholesterol" cholesterol

What is the cholesterol-HDL?

The cholesterol HDL is a lipoprotein (substance formed of lipids and proteins) called high density. To the extent where it intervenes in the elimination of cholesterol, it is also called “good cholesterol”, because its increase is regarded as a protective factor for cardiovascular risk.


Dosage of cholesterol-HDL in the blood Cholesterol HDL

This is the fraction of the cholesterol contained in lipoproteins HDL type It is recognized that the latter constitutes the fraction “protector” of cholesterol because there is an inverse relationship between the concentration in HDL cholesterol levels and the frequency of cardiovascular complications.


The lipoproteins HDL type involved in the purification of cholesterol. The dosage of the cholesterol HDL in the blood is a good element of assessment of risk atheromateux (training of atherosclerotic plaque on the inside of the blood vessels).

How does the levy?

The levy is done from venous blood (in general in the crease of the elbow). It is essential to be fasted for 12 hours.

Normal Values of cholesterol-HDL

The determination of the rate of cholesterol HDL allows you to calculate the fraction of cholesterol-LDL ( “bad cholesterol” ). The latter is involved in the occurrence of atherogenic risk and therefore of cardiovascular diseases.


cholesterol-HDL "Good Cholesterol" cholesterol

The values may vary depending on the technique used by the laboratory of medical analyzes. They are specified next to the results.


Coronary risk as a function of cholesterol-HDL

Overall, plus the rate of cholesterol-HDL is high, less the risk of cardiovascular complications is important, in both men and women. The coronary risk as a function of the rate of cholesterol-HDL is shown in the table below.

cholesterol-HDL "Good Cholesterol" cholesterol

Variations physiological and pathological of the cholesterol-HDL

Globally, the high rates of cholesterol-HDL are considered as favoring the protection against cardiovascular complications, including coronary artery disease.

The interpretation of the rate must be made in the context of an assessment of cardiovascular risk global which will take into account, among other factors, the total cholesterol, the other fractions of cholesterol, triglycerides, family histories and habits of hygiene of life ( physical activity, tobacco, alcohol, food, etc. ).


Tobacco Progestogens, propranolol, diuretics Diabetes


Age, female sex, physical activity, alcohol Drugs lipid lowering drugs (especially the fibrates), vitamin C, anti-epileptic drugs, insulin, problems-progestogens.

cholesterol-HDL "Good Cholesterol" cholesterol